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Microsoft Hires Sam Altman for Advanced AI Research Amid OpenAI Shake-Up



Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed on Monday that Sam Altman, a key figure at OpenAI and co-founder of ChatGPT, has been hired, along with his team, to lead a new advanced AI research division at Microsoft. Altman, who gained prominence with the launch of the AI chatbot, shared his commitment to the mission on X (formerly Twitter).

The move follows Altman’s dismissal by OpenAI’s board last Friday, prompting notable departures from the company and a reported push by major investors to reinstate him. Despite pressure from Microsoft and other investors, the board upheld its decision, emphasizing it as essential to advance and defend OpenAI’s mission.

In response to Altman’s removal, the board appointed Emmett Shear, former CEO of Amazon’s Twitch streaming service, as interim CEO. The board expressed concerns about Altman underestimating the dangers of OpenAI’s technology and diverting from its mission, leading to the decision to remove him.

OpenAI investors, including Microsoft, reportedly sought to reinstate Altman as CEO, with Microsoft having invested over $10 billion in OpenAI and incorporating its technology into its products. Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, which answer questions in human-like language and manipulate imagery, have raised concerns about potential misuse, such as deepfake images and harmful disinformation.

Ilya Sutskever, co-founder of OpenAI and a respected AI expert, raised concerns about the company’s business direction and technology threats. Sutskever reportedly informed OpenAI staff that Altman would not return, according to Bloomberg.

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Ondo State Unveils Website To Promote Gender Activities



The Ondo State Government has launched an official website,, dedicated to featuring and promoting gender-related activities within the state. Led by Mrs. Olamide Falana, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Gender, the unveiling ceremony attracted stakeholders and Gender Desk Officers from all 18 local government areas.

Mrs. Falana elucidated the website’s primary objective, emphasizing its role in facilitating the reporting of gender-related activities, projects, and achievements. She underscored that the platform would function as an interactive space showcasing the initiatives of the Gender Office, offering a global audience insights into gender mainstreaming activities spanning various sectors and the state bureaucracy.

“The website will enable us to receive feedback from the public and present to the world our global endeavors. It is designed for continuous growth, with regular updates reflecting the ongoing efforts of the state government and its commitment to gender issues,” remarked Mrs. Falana.

She expressed optimism that the platform, beyond serving as an information repository, would also inspire investment and support for gender-focused initiatives in Ondo State.

In her address, Mrs. Temitope Daniyan, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Akeredolu on Gender and Documentation, commended the initiative and encouraged stakeholders to craft compelling messages for sensitization efforts in churches and schools. She emphasized the importance of captivating the minds of parents and target audiences to enhance the effectiveness of gender-related awareness programs.

Mrs. Folake Esan, the President of the Coalition of Women-led NGOs in Ondo State, praised the launch of the website, recognizing its potential to add significant value to gender-related issues in the state.

The acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women Affairs, Mr. Tope Lebile, expressed commendation for Mrs. Falana’s efforts in taking the state to the global stage through the launch of the website. The platform is expected to play a pivotal role in promoting gender awareness, preventing human trafficking, and encouraging community engagement on gender-related matters.

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EFCC Issues Warning on Rising ATM Swap Fraud



In a recent statement issued on Tuesday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has sounded an alarm over the surge in ATM switch scams, cautioning Nigerians to exercise heightened awareness to protect themselves from falling victim to this nefarious activity.

Mr. Dele Oyewale, the Head of Media and Publicity for the EFCC, conveyed the urgent recommendation in response to a rising tide of complaints related to this type of financial crime. The EFCC’s investigations have unveiled a concerning trend where unauthorized withdrawals are traced back to ATM Debit Card switching or fraud.

The perpetrators employ a cunning method, as outlined by Oyewale. They seize the opportunity when a bank customer appears confused or in need of assistance at an ATM. In a hurried and inconspicuous manner, the fraudsters swap the customer’s debit card with another from the same bank. Simultaneously, they memorize the PIN used during the transaction.

“The cards get stuck in the machine due to a wrong pin, and the fraudster quickly abandons the victim, advising him/her to report to the bank while making away with the victim’s card to make immediate withdrawals from the account,” explained Oyewale.

This deceptive card-swapping tactic is not limited to ATMs alone; it can occur at various service delivery points, including Point of Sale (POS) terminals. The EFCC’s warning serves as a crucial reminder for individuals to remain vigilant during their financial transactions and to report any suspicious activity promptly.

As technology continues to advance, so do the methods employed by criminals. The EFCC encourages the public to adopt additional safeguards, such as regularly checking bank statements, reporting lost or stolen cards promptly, and being cautious of any unsolicited assistance at ATMs. By raising awareness about the risks associated with ATM switch fraud, the EFCC aims to empower Nigerians in safeguarding their financial well-being.

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Abuja Reports

FG to Unveil Comprehensive Blueprint for Digital Switch Over Rollout, Affirms Minister



Mohammed Idris, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, has announced that the Ministry is developing a comprehensive blueprint for the nationwide rollout of the Digital Switch Over (DSO) project. The minister made this declaration during the opening of the Management Conference and Retreat of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Abuja.

The DSO project had faced challenges meeting previous rollout targets, prompting the government’s renewed commitment to its success. Minister Idris emphasized the importance of a foolproof blueprint that would cover both urban and rural areas across the country. He urged the NTA, a key stakeholder in the DSO project, to actively participate in its success.

In his address, Idris challenged the NTA to adapt to the evolving media landscape marked by new technologies and changing viewer preferences. He highlighted the necessity for the organization to embrace innovation while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

The minister acknowledged the growing number of information sources available to the public, especially with the dominance of social media. He stressed the significance of events like the retreat to navigate challenges and harness opportunities in the media industry.

Idris commended the impact of upgrading NTA’s signal from standard definition to high definition, emphasizing the need for replication in all NTA stations to enhance the viewing experience. He urged the NTA to play a pivotal role in enlightening Nigerians about the achievements of the President Tinubu administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

The minister concluded by encouraging the NTA to rediscover its golden era, characterized by content that defined TV entertainment in the country. He emphasized the importance of captivating programming to engage viewers and contribute to the success of the media industry.

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