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Irepa/ Aba festival Opportunity For Guests, Visitors To Invest wisely – Monarch



As Over 500, 000 People Expected To Participate


The Otaru of Igarra/Akuku clan in Akoko-Edo local government area of Edo State, HRH Oba Adeche Saiki II has said that not less than 500,000 people including guests and visitors were expected to grace the 39th Edition of the Irepa/Aba drum festival which would be in its 294th year since it was officially documented.

In a press conference in his palace on Monday, July 14th, he noted that the festival which is an age grade promotion festival with the celebrants graduating into the council of elders in the community, is celebrated every seven years of lunar calender and six years of Gregorian calendar adding that the festival is to foster “peace, love, harmony, preservation of our cultural heritage and to nurture the values it upholds.”

He appluaded the state government for providing adequate security during the festival and solicits the cooperation of the community with the security agencies during the period and called for cooperation from the people.

“I am aware of the meticulous preparations that have gone into making the day extraordinary and memorable for each individual’.

Oba Saiki II said the beating of Aba drum which is the most prominent in the numerous ceremonies in the Irepa festival would be held on Friday this week noting that “This Irepa festival is one of the ceremonies that we hold in high esteem and it is a celebration all over especially the day that the Aba drum is beaten, all sons and daughters come to celebrate. It is a ceremony that covers everybody from Igarra and for this year’s ceremony; we are expecting not less than 500,000 people.

‘The traditional ruler congratulated the Opozes (Opa Osiewundo) who are graduating to Opirepa (council of elders) and urged them to continue to thrive in good health and serve the community with dedication.

Speaking on behalf of Elder Daniel Aiyede Ojo also known as Kennedy the custodian of the Aba drum who is the oldest man in the Onubeji Household of the Eziakuta Opoporiku family, Mr. Adumaza Okongo said the beating of Aba drum is a pivotal moment of the Irepa festival activities. “We are the owners of the Aba drum and its custody has been a reflection of our family’s ingenuity, strength and relevance from time immemorial.

“We didn’t come by this heritage by our making but by sheer dignity which has been a sacred endowment by God and our ancestors.”, he stated.

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Minister Calls for Purposeful Content Creation at 2023 Gender and Inclusion Summit in Abuja



Addressing the youth during the opening of the two-day 2023 Gender and Inclusion Summit in Abuja, the Minister of Youth Development, Dr. Jamila Ibrahim, delivered a resonant charge to the youths in the creative sector, urging them to be deliberate in creating content that reflects the morals, culture, and values of the nation.

The summit, organized by the Policy Innovation Centre (PIC), an initiative of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), revolves around the theme “Building Bridges: Advancing Gender and Inclusion through the Intersection of Trade and Health.”

Dr. Ibrahim underscored the pivotal role of the creative sector in shaping the youth’s agenda, emphasizing the importance of intentionality in songs, lyrics, and messages. She called on the creative community to use their platform to drive positive narratives and inspire societal values.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by Nigerian youths, including high unemployment rates and movements like ‘Japa,’ symbolizing a desire to leave the country, Dr. Ibrahim maintained an optimistic outlook, stating, “We are not hopeless; our land is green, and it’s ours to take and build.”

As a positive step forward, the minister revealed that the ministry would soon unveil a blueprint tailored for young people in Nigeria, aligning with their aspirations and contributing to the nation’s development.

Dr. Ibrahim’s address went beyond challenges, urging youths to recognize that power is not given but negotiated. She emphasized the need for youths to bring tangible value to the table, develop relevant skills, and be willing to take on challenging roles that contribute to positive societal change.

Finally, Dr. Jamila Ibrahim’s comprehensive message not only highlighted the challenges but also provided a roadmap for youths to actively shape the narrative and play a significant role in the development of the nation.

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Wig-tastic Revolution: Nigeria’s Love Affair with Wigs




Ejiro Lucky


In a hairvolution that has swept across Nigeria, wigs have become more than just a fashion statement; they are a phenomenon taking the nation by storm. The reasons behind this trend are as intriguing as they are fabulously follicular.


A Hair Revolution Like No Other


Picture a land where bad hair days are a thing of the past, where every woman can effortlessly channel her inner diva with a simple flip of a wig. It’s a phenomenon so electrifying that it could power Lagos for a year. But what’s fueling this wig-tastic wave?


To uncover the root (pun intended) of this trend, we embarked on a quest that led us to the vibrant streets of Abuja. There, we encountered women of all ages, backgrounds, and wig styles, each with a wig-spirational story to share.


The Wig Wizards and Their Superpower


Meet Funke, a popular social media hair vendor self-proclaimed as the “Wig Wizard.” She once said, “Wigs are like my superpower. I have a different wig for every mood and occasion. Mondays are for the ‘Boss Lady’ wig, and Fridays? Well, that’s the ballers style.”


Wigs have now become ubiquitous, with every woman either owning one or aspiring to. Some say that even women with an “empty skull and brain” wear wigs to cover it up. Every Nigerian woman seems to own a wig, whether it’s bone straight, deep wave, pixie curls, or any other style. These wigs empower them to be whoever they choose, a means of expressing and enhancing their beauty.


Frontals Parties and Luxurious Hair Goals


It’s not just about personal expression; it’s become a cultural phenomenon. Some years ago, a lady hosted a birthday party with a “frontals” theme. Female attendees had to rock a frontal wig as their access card. Without one, you were not welcome at the party. Nowadays, due to the pressure to follow trends, some women will go to great lengths to own luxurious hair.


According to popular trends, some women can do anything just to own a luxurious hair due to the pressure they put on themselves just to follow the trend.


A saying among wig enthusiasts goes like this: “Thicker the wig, stronger the sisterhood.”


Effortless Style and Cultural Significance


Experts chimed in, explaining that wigs offer women the freedom to switch styles effortlessly without the long-term commitment or potential damage to natural hair. In a country as culturally diverse as Nigeria, wigs have become a symbol of the nation’s diverse beauty.


And let’s not forget the humor that wigs bring to everyday life. On the bustling streets of Abuja, women don wigs that seem straight out of a Barbie sketch. As one lady put it, “Why have boring hair when you can have a whole vibe of Barbie on your head?”


Even Nigerian comedians, including AY, Bovi, Funny Bone, and others, have embraced the wig trend, incorporating hilarious wig-themed anecdotes into their stand-up routines.


Influencers, Actresses, and the “Big Girls Geng”


Influencers like Ashmusy, Nons Miraj, Caramel Plug, as well as actresses and TV hosts like Toke Makinwa, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, Destiny Etiko, and Bimbo Ademoye, have dedicated wardrobes just for wigs. Your wig collection now qualifies you for the “big girls geng.” Social media is flooded with wig vendors selling wigs under various names, each capturing the imagination of eager customers.


The wig phenomenon has swept across Nigeria, transforming not only hairstyles but also the very essence of self-expression and cultural celebration. Wig-tastic days are here to stay, turning heads and making tongues wag with excitement across the nation.

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