Unease calm in APC as Adamu dances in the mud after a forceful resignation

The All Progressives Congress, APC, National Secretariat has witnessed an unease calm following the controversial forceful resignation of its National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu over series of acts that have become a dent on the party.

These plethora of strange "sins" of the Nasarawa State Senator began shortly after he was elected as the Chairman of the party in 2022.  Adamu sees himself as Lord of the Manor. He suddenly grew wings with a larger than life status. He wants to be seen as alpha and omega. He does things at his whims and caprices.

Adamu started his dance on the mud on the eve of the presidential primary election in 2022 in a gestapo manner despite absent at the meeting of the National Working Committee, NWC, by declaring that the party’s candidate for the poll was former Senate President, Ahmed Lawan until the president was said to have confronted him at his official residence in villa before the election which led to the emergence of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu winning the primary.

Senator Adamu at different occasions was accused for acting against the interest of the party through many instances. He was solely in charge of the finances of the party. The National Vice Chairman of the party, Saliu Lukman had before now narrated the many malfeasance and financial recklessness that has become the biggest sleaze on the party led by Adamu who was nobody's confidante.

Adamu collected billions for the purchase of experession and nomination forms from aspirants without any substantial transparency. He didn't account to.anybody because before the former President Muhammadu Buhari left, he had submitted the power of National Executive Committee, NEC, to the party NWC which Adamu took advantage of and he has been running the party life a one man business enterprise. 

As soon as he resumed, for months, staff of the party in the secretariat were owed salaries and he was never bothered about it. Despite the complaints from the staff, he paid deaf ears to all their complaints and frustration thst almost nearly became the other of the day. No one could summon the courage to confront him because he is alleged to be deadly in many voodoo ways. 

Just recently, he had to openly confront the presidency after the leadership of the National Assembly appointed their principal officers against the party’s wish. Adamu had to resist the nomination saying they didn't have the footprints of the leadership of the party before going ahead. Even the Governors Forum had to wittingly and cleverly denied the open confrontation that Adamu's voltface stands represents after the presidency had earlier congratulated the appointed principal officers who are also members of the party.

Also, there have been instances where after the chairman must have spoken there would then rebuttal will start flying from every direction because of his penchant for slip of tongue. He has done this couple of times and this has further slow down the fortunes of the party. Listening to him is a pain in the ear because he is old and weak thereby preventing him from taking up the task of communicating activities that are happening in the party.