Tonto Dikeh Speaks On Struggle With A Heart Condition

Nollywood actress and politician, Tonto Dikeh recently shared her determination to lead a long and healthy life as she disclosed her struggle with a heart condition.

The thespian took to her Instagram account to express her desire to live a fulfilling life and be there for her son.

In her heartfelt post on Thursday, she expressed determination to prioritize her well-being by gifting herself a gym membership as part of her birthday present.

38-year-old Tonto revealed her battle with a bad heart, acknowledging that it is neither enjoyable nor preferable.

However, she emphasized that she had started her fitness journey and already noticed improvements, such as better breathing, improved pulse, increased blood circulation, albeit accompanied by some discomfort.

She noted that her ultimate objective is to live a long and healthy life for the sake of her son.

Additionally, Tonto admitted to have undergone surgeries like liposuction in the past.

However, the famous Nollywood actress disclosed to recognize the importance of complementing those procedures with exercise, waist trainers, and similar methods.

Despite describing herself as the laziest woman when it comes to fitness, Dikeh highlighted her immense strength and the motivation she provides for others who seek encouragement.

She acknowledged that being lazy is her comfort zone, but emphasized her commitment to breaking free from it and taking charge of her fitness journey.

Overall, Tonto Dikeh’s recent revelation about her heart condition has instilled in her a strong determination to prioritize her health and well-being. Her aim is to lead a long and healthy life, ensuring that she can be present for her son and setting an inspiring example for others in their fitness journeys.