The Fierce Urgency To Replace Tinubu — By SKC Ogbonnia

Bola Ahmed Tinubu not only appears far older than he claims, but he also appears physically and mentally challenged. These obvious terminal health challenges along with his shady background explain why he cannot face the Nigerian press or attend presidential debates.

Rather, he is attempting to bamboozle the electorate by adopting his familiar mélange of propaganda and profligacy, hiring highly priced spin doctors whose sole raison d’etre is to spew fatal lies.

He even goes as far as threatening pressmen with lawsuits, thereby portraying himself as a victim. But such shenanigans will not work.

The latest truth emanating from all these tales is that the Nigerian masses have become wiser. They are determined to firmly resist the political chicanery this time around. And the world is watching.

It is incumbent upon the APC, therefore, to see an urgent need to compel Tinubu to withdraw from the race and quickly replace him in line with the electoral laws. Other patriotic Nigerians should join to demand his withdrawal.

The change will stave off the inevitable worldwide outrage, as well as the thick cloud of shame that will engulf Nigeria if the country’s president is generally seen as a corrupt kingpin cum drug lord.

Critics will be quick to fire back here. They will resort to the mundane notion that the APC has presented a joint ticket of Tinubu, and his running mate, Kashim Shettima. In other words, Shettima would step in if Tinubu becomes incapacitated due to his failing health or a likely jail term by the U.S. authorities over his alleged drug trafficking.

But such a shameless plot is a gross disservice to the country. The Nigerian electorate deserves the right to critically examine whoever could become their president before the elections.

Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, a former APC Presidential Aspirant, writes from Houston, Texas.