Don Advocates Alternative Motivation Package For Workers

A don, Prof. Bashiru Salawu of the Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin, has recommended an alternative welfare package to increase Nigerian workers’ productivity.

Salawu made the call on Friday while delivering the 233rd Inaugural Lecture of the university, titled: “Fixing the Thorns in Our Roses: Sociological Imagination for Sustainable Development”.

He observed that research from both colonial and modern perspective had shown that some Nigerian workers had negative work attitudes.

“The management of the Nigerian workers for higher productivity, dominated by an ideology of increase in salary or wages, has failed in concept and practice.

“There is a need for an alternative motivation package that will change the workers’ negative attitude and increase their productivity,” he suggested.

Salawu, however, highlighted the need for a multi-faceted strategy that would impact positively on the Nigerian workers’ work attitude.

The don, who lectures at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the institution, lamented that labour strike had become “a serious thorn in the roses” at work places in Nigeria.

On income inequality, he said research had indicated that in Nigeria, there were sectoral wage differences in Nigerian economy.

“This implies that some workers are supposed to receive higher salary because of their superior skills, education and experience.”

Salawu advised that employees with superior skills should be adequately rewarded and recognised.

In addition, Salawu advised the government and employers of labour to adopt job evaluation system to determine employees’ compensation schemes in Nigeria.

The don further advocated for the introduction of welfare scheme for Nigerian workers to reduce the impact of income inequality.