Buhari Confident Tinubu Will Maintain His Momentum

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed confidence that his successor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will continue with the support provided to the Nigerian Navy during his tenure.

Buhari stated this while speaking at the Presidential Fleet Review in Lagos, where he praised the combat readiness of the military.

The outgoing president said he hoped that under Tinubu, the navy would continue to acquire new assets, promote indigenous production, increase exports, fight piracy and address issues concerning crude oil theft over Nigeria's maritime domain. 

The President took immense satisfaction from the array of naval assets on display at the review and their combat-readiness.

He hoped that the naval leadership under Tinubu will build on his administration's efforts to revamp the navy, secure the nation's maritime domain, and ensure that the vast resources therein could be utilised for the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

He called for the acquisition and modernisation of naval ships to sustain an intelligence-driven deployment of naval ships, thereby contributing to the fight against piracy in Nigeria's waters. 

Furthermore, he acknowledged the significant role the navy played in improving Nigeria's economy by providing secure access to maritime resources such as fisheries and petroleum products, which depend on a secure and stable maritime environment.

Buhari concluded by praising the Nigerian Navy's effort to promote local content development by increasing local shipbuilding efforts, offering employment opportunities and improving national security.

Finally, Buhari commended the country's partners, specifically, China and Italy, for their support of Nigerian naval efforts and contributions to its fleet recapitalisation plan.