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Admin 12-Aug-2020 Special_Report

EWS Popoola Yaqoub

A United Kingdom (UK) based chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP), Opeyemi Falegan has described as “unacceptable”, the frequent attacks on some prominent Yoruba leaders by the former governor of Ekiti State  Ayo Fayose.

Falegan, a  United Kingdom Officer in the Royal Air Force, particularly took exception to the recent attack on former President Olusegun Obasanjo by Fayose describing it as unnecessary, self-serving, untoward, and very provocative.

Fayose had lampooned  Obasanjo over his comment on  the demise of Ogun East politician, Sen. Buruji Kashamu where the former President was quoted to have said ” Buruji avoided justice on crimes but could not escape from the cold hand of death”.


In his condolence message, Falegan described the death of Sen. Buruji as unfortunate, painful, least expected and extends sympathy with the immediate family members, friends and the people of Ijebu Igbo for  what he called a big and untimely loss and prayed Allah to forgive the departed Soul.

“So, why is it now that Ayo Fayose who had benefitted immensely from late Kashamu’s financial legacy but later abandoned him midway is the one shedding crocodile tears and ridding on the tiger’s tail of Chief Obasanjo to score a cheap political point? 

 “Yorubaland is a craddle of custom, tradition, honor, respect, loyalty and homage to the elders. Therefore, politics or whatever reasons must not be condoned to change the peoples’ orientation for the present generation and unborn ones.” 

Howeve, the wisdom, experience and words of our elders must be respected at all times inorder to preserve our tradition, culture and norms as a people”.

Yoruba people especially average Ekiti people are known to be responsible, cultured, obedient and with good home upbringing. Therefore, nobody should be supported or encouraged to change the trend in the name of self- aggrandisement or pride or playing dirty politics.

He   cautioned  Fayose to desist from his continued vituperation, insult and castigation of Yoruba Elders henceforth.

 Fayose ,according to Falegan should always behave and talk like a good leader in Ekiti whom the younger ones can always see and look up to as a role model. By constantly insulting and ridiculing his elders, what morality, integrity, good ethics and good behavior is he teaching those following him? And these were the trade marks of the good people of Ekiti in those good old days.

The former House of Assembly aspirant in Ekiti State described the reaction of Mr. Fayose to Chief Obasanjo’s letter as unnecessary, self-serving, untoward and very provocative.

“Since we all know that, nobody is a Saint, Chief Obasanjo like every other Nigerians is entitled to his opinion at all times especially as an individual, elder Statesman and a former Nigerian President. Therefore, for anybody, to act callously irresponsible; and insulting Baba Obasanjo would be a great mistake and unacceptable

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