Court Dissolves 22-year-Old Marriage Owing to Wife’s Nagging

Admin 30-Dec-2020 Nigeria_News

A Customary Court sitting at Mapo in Ibadan southeast local government, earlier today dissolved a 22-year-old marriage between David Adetula and Remi on grounds of frequent nagging.

Delivering judgment, the President of the court, Chief Henry Agbaje stated “it was possible to take the horse to the river, but impossible to force it to drink water.’’

Adetula had prayed the court to dissolve his marriage with Remi on grounds of the latter's incessant bagging which he clarified had earned him a bad name and massive embarrassment in the community.

His words: ”I married another wife to see whether she will change for the better. Remi is quarrelsome and she has turned my home into a theatre of war not only with family members but also with neighbors."

However, Remi opposed the suit and urged the court not to dissolve marriage.

She equally refused to comment on any of the allegations leveled against her by her husband.

The president explained that despite the efforts of the court to make the petitioner change his decision for separation, he remained adamant. 

He consequently dissolved the union in the interest of peace and granted custody of the three most senior children to their father l, while allowing the last of the union to remain with their mother.

He also said Adetula should pay a monthly sum of N5, 000 for the upkeep of the last child.

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