House Proposes ‘Dishonoured Register’ for Purveyors of Fake News

Admin 26-Oct-2020 National_Assembly

Tolu Omobayowa

Promoters of fake news in Nigeria will soon be listed in a proposed; ‘Dishonoured Register’ the House of Representatives has declared. The House is proposing naming and shaming persons who make false claims, presentations and representations that can mislead the government and Nigerians.

If the proposition sees the light of the day, such persons, if found guilty, may also be barred from holding public offices.

The proposal is contained in the ‘Bill for an Act to Provide for Moral Accountability for Nigerian Citizens and for Related Matters.’

Sponsor of the bill, Mr Awaji-Inombek Abiante, in the explanatory memorandum on the legislation said, “This bill seeks to make Nigerians morally accountable for their actions and inaction. The current attitude/behaviour of some Nigerians is inimical to public interest and the general development of our country (Nigeria), hence the need to enact this bill to safeguard the integrity of the country from being eroded through the actions/inaction of an individual or group of people.”

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