Nigeria Born US Judge, Alade, Warns Yorubas against Self Destruction

Admin 25-Oct-2020 Nigeria_News, Opinion

A United State of America based judge and a Nigerian community leader in the country, Judge Dele Alade, has advised Yoruba people especially the Yoruba youths to avoid being used to destroy Yorubaland, their people and Yoruba traditional institutions. Speaking in Washington DC, Judge Alade expressed solidarity with the peaceful protesters but condemned the destruction of lives and properties. He condemned police brutality and any form of violence against innocent Nigerians by security agents and armed bandits. He called on Yoruba people to avoid being used to destroy their own people and their cities especially Lagos when the Yoruba people were not the cause of Nigeria problems but were also the victims of the Nigerian State.

Judge Alade condemned the attacks on the palace of Oba of Lagos, the businesses of Asiwaju BolaTinubu and other notable institutions and buildings in Lagos and across the country. He advised Yoruba youths not to allow themselves to be used to destroy their kinsmen, their traditional institutions, and their towns and cities when the main perpetrators of evils in Nigeria are walking and now talking as if they were saints. "I don't understand why the Oba of Lagos, Tinubu and others should be subjects of attacks. They are not the cause of Nigeria's problems. For instance, Tinubu has never been the President of Nigeria. He has not even held any political office since 2007 other than being a ceremonial National Leader of APC. You can hardly find a saint in Nigeria especially among the vision-less political leaders we have. Why destroy our palaces and the little fledgling institutions we have? It appears some bad elements have hijacked the peaceful protests to pursue political and tribal agenda", Alade said. He urged Yoruba people to stand up for themselves and not allow some selfish Yoruba people to collude with other non-Yoruba to destroy their kinsmen and the Yorubaland. “Yoruba people have contributed most significantly to the little developments we have in Nigeria. Yoruba people have also been the main force behind Nigeria's progressive politics and the democracy we have today”, Alade said.

Judge Alade, who is also the Chairman Board of Trustees of APC-USA,  advised the APC government to do more for the people of Nigeria, and be more proactive and more sensitive to their needs. He said that Nigeria practices the style of governance that exploits her people and not to develop them which he described as the colonial system of government. "It's not too late for the President to reform the government and put an end to this style of governance across the country. The successive governments in Nigeria at all levels have been inept, corrupt, incompetent and irresponsible! Public service should be a sacrifice to serve the citizens and your country and should not be for personal enrichment”, Alade said. Alade called on President Buhari to bring on board capable, talented and selfless Nigerians, more especially distinguished Nigerians in the Diaspora, to help him in implementing the APC visions and programs for the county rather than recycling people that had failed the country in their previous public positions and assignments. He urged Nigerians to only engage in peaceful protests to force the change that is needed in the country but that they should fish out the miscreants and hoodlums that are bent to give their peaceful protest a bad name. 

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