Rahama Sadau Indecent Dress Controversy

Admin 20-Apr-2021 Entertainment, Entertainment

Popular Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, has come under attack again over her style of dress which is termed anti-Islam by some Muslims.

Abuja city journal understands that the female actress came under attack again after one George Onmonya Daniel shared her photos on social media, applauding her for donating food items to the less privileged.

However, a Facebook user identified as Abubakar Suleiman Idris, in his submission to what Daniel posted on his page, said the netizen was only supportive of Sadau because of his hatred of the North.

According to Idris, Daniel and every other person in support of Sadau's charitable donation and style of dress, are anti-north or Islam because the actress's way of life is not in line with her religion.

"George, we know you will support or write good about her because of her way of life is not in line with northern or Isalm. You are anti north or Islam," Idris wrote.

However, contrary to Idris' belief and submission on the actress, another Facebook users, Ibrahim Bature from Kano State, accused Idris of hypocrisy and turning a blind eye when daughters of the political elite wear skin-baring outfits.

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