Ginimbi bought casket a week before his death

Admin 10-Nov-2020 Entertainment, Lifestyle

It has been revealed that late Ginimbi who died in a fatal car accident planned for his death as he bought himself a coffin.

In a rather interesting twist turns out Ginimbi knew his time on earth was limited and he had already prepared for the worst. It has been reported that a personalized coffin has been found in one of the rooms at his house in Domboshava.

It is alleged that the popular Zimbabwen socialite bought the coffin 4 weeks before his death.

Genius Kadungure popularly known as Boss Ginimbi passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning together with three of his friends. They were driving from Ruwa were they were celebrating the 26th birthday of Harare fitness bunny and video vixen babe Mitchelle Amuli who was known by many as Moana. Moana was also with Ginimbi during the time of the accident and she was burnt to death in Ginimbi’s car.

Many theories have been popping up regarding Ginimbi’s as many claim the two knew they were going to die. A video of Moana has been circulating in which she was describing the same way she died and on the other hand Ginimbi had already bought a coffin for himself. That is why rumours that their death was a Satanist ritual and they were aware of it has been circulating.

Another suprising fact is that Ginimbi’s father Mr Kadungure does not seem touched or moved by his son’s death. Some have actually said he is happy that his son is dead. It seems there is more that was hidden in the Ginimbi’s family that’s why he made it clear that when he dies he wants his house to be turned into a hotel. This was shared a close relative of the Kadungure’s.

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