Women's Sexual Liberation Via Sex Toys

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Ever since the vibrator was featured in the movie, "Sex And The City" in the 1990s, humans' craving for sex stimulants have crept into the mainstream of sexual lifestyles while men have developed ways to make sex and sexuality more memorable and enjoyable. Of course, with the aims of helping women to achieve orgasm easily and comfortably, scientists have developed and infiltrated sex toys into women's sexual journey. Although, it is still relatively a new discovery in Africa due to our cultural inclination and affinity, this innovation is gaining popularity in the continent. That, notwithstanding, did not rule out the fact that  some individuals, even couples, believe and engage in the purchase and possession of one of them. I'm sure with the advent of recurring  non-committal relationship, heartbreak, loneliness, marriage crisis, unfaithfulness of either one or the two partners, divorce, spousal challenges, enlightenment and exposure to medical knowledge on sexuality, African women may have begun to consider a sizzling romance with sex toys that promise them absolute freedom from relationship crisis. My curiosity was intensified when some friends owned up to owning one or two of these fantasy idols. Sex toys are identified to be or provide succour in the absence of physical sexual intercourse as they are used perversely to stroke the genitals which could be tiring if done with the fingers. 

However, many men fear the intimidation it could pose to them as another form of replacement. Also, some women whose husbands live far apart from them have been able to avoid the danger of being engaged in extramarital affairs due to the possession of one or two of them. It is yet to gain popularity in our society as it still remains alien to us due to our cultural inclination and affinity.  Inasmuch as the popularity level seems sketchy, it is important to note that those who long to possess one have been going about it discretely. But women who desire to derive pleasure through this means have found a way to become more adventurous in their search for a suitable love life. I read sometimes about a man whose libido for sexual fantasies have gone low, and how he managed to realise that his wife's remains unmatched with that of his. He must have realised that he could be pussyfooting in that regards, and obviously had no cogent reasons to either deny or deprive his wife of an external help for such. Some women have argued that owning one keeps them off extramarital affairs which could be injurious to their relationship /marriage. 

The dildos and vibrators come in different shapes, sizes and features. It is on record that they both give sexual pleasure, though not without their distinctive features. Dildo on one hand does not vibrate as with the vibrators. Dildo on another hand does not make use of batteries and definitely cannot be plugged on sockets, they come as a form of silicon. Whereas, vibrators could become much more sturdy when plugged to a socket to give a sensational feeling  of sexual ecstacy. I have also read of how a man encouraged his wife to get one to mitigate the effect of sexual starvation since he couldn't perform well due to health-related issues. Meanwhile, some others have frowned upon that idea citing an instances of waywardness and dangers the wife could be exposed to. At other times, sex therapists could recommend either of the two to women who find it  difficult to reach orgasm. Whatever any sentiment or objection one may have against these sex toys, the fact remains that they have provided succour to many women who crave mind-blowing orgasm.

Written by Funke Cole

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