Osibajo for President...and so what?

Admin 23-Jul-2020 Opinion

July 23, 2020   By Raheem Akingbolu

“Gbogbo iwa aisododo, ese ni." (All unrighteousness is sin). 

This biblical quote came to my mind while reviewing the level of our hypocrisy in Nigeria few hours ago. 

At every forum, we complain as if we are not comfortable with recycling leaders. We advocate for young leaders but our advocacy is just a lip service.

In the last few months, my feeling towards the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osibajo, has moved from ADMIRATION to SYMPATHY.

 Though I admire him for his brilliance and humble disposition, I don’t envy him as the current Vice-President. I tell anybody who cares to listen that he’s the most vilified Vice-President Nigeria has ever had. 

 At least, we still remember how powerful Atiku was as Number Two and I remember, though faintly, how colourful Alex Ekwueme was as deputy to Shehu Shagari.

In a terse statement issued few days ago, Laolu Akande, Osinbajo's spokesperson had to announce that his boss was not keen about running for predident in  2023. Of course my reaction was different; why not? Honestly, I don't see any reason why he shouldn't run but even before he makes up his mind, some people are bent on blackmailing him into submission.

 They (the blackmailers) appear to be winning. 

What exactly do we want? 

We dont want Tinubu because he has advanced in age. 

We don't want Osibajo because of what again? 

We dont want Kinsley Mogalu because of what? 

This is the same way we killed Awo's Ambition, We frustrated Zik, We betrayed Abiola, Okadigbo died an angry man. Let's stop deceiving ourself jare we know who we want. 

Osibajo’s challenge can be linked to two things: he's not a professional politician like many of his traducers and some people still believe he came from nowhere; probably to 'reap' where he did not sow. 

Some people just don’t like the man’s face; they can’t explain why. Some pass comment as if he’s not qualified for the position he occupies. It’s nothing but jealousy.

When Jonathan was there, some people just didn’t want him because of his background. Oga Jona was neither a son of a first republic minister nor related to any of the Generals. 

Now, because it's believed that Osibajo has  no political structure and as a result, he could be tossed here and there. 

To me, this is most unfortunate and reason professionals will always run away from seeking political office.

To them, it is for those who can survive nights of long knives...

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