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Colour Combination as a Defining Factor in Fashion

Admin 29-Apr-2021 Fashion

Colour Combination as a Defining Factor in Fashion


In the years back, the fear of wrong colour combination, otherwise known as “colour riot” often restricted designers and stylish people to explore and leverage colour for optimum beauty. 

However the story has changed drastically these days, so much that people are no longer scared or afraid to dig deep into the core of fashion through the use of colours. One may be right to conclude that what was regarded as poison then has now become the favourite on the stable of many designers and celebrities. Today, what we have in place of “colour riot” is “colour blocking” which is considered an advanced knowledge of colour.


In a way, the ability to combine colours beautifully gives one an edge over others. Individuals with good use of colour are considered to be more fashionable because they seem to have become expert in mixing the colours without barriers or boundaries. This simply positions those with this unique attribute as people with limitlessness in fashion. 


Until this new era of “colour blocking” people try to play safe in colour combination. Many try so hard to play around neutral colours such as nude, black, white and so on. Though these neutral colours are no doubt great ones, they are sometimes considered boring and attractive. But even at that, there are many people out there who are more comfortable with colours that are considered boring instead of attracting unnecessary attention. To these sets of people, they cherish the neutral colours so much that all they have in their closet are neutral colours. Even if occasions and friends influence them to buy other bright colours, (red, yellow, pink etc), they are left there as periodical dresses with little or no attention. 


One good thing is that times have changed as there are people; designers, celebrities and other fashion icons that have incorporated these bright colours into their day-to-day fashion. Today, the bright colours which in the days of yore, were almost not part of fashion are these days not only infused with the neutral colours but are beginning to take over the fashion world.


Combining colours these days appears to be an endless adventure because the art of colour mixing has no restriction again. It’s more surprising and fulfilling to see that each colour comes alive even more when combined with another colour (which includes the colours that were barely used before now). One is amazed now with the beauty that comes out from these colour blends. For instance, who would have ever thought (red and pink),(green and neon) (green and blue) (green and brown) and others will come out beautiful when combined together...well, now you know!!!


The increased knowledge of colour combination has increased the possibility of endless adventure in fashion that everyone will keep unlocking continuously. What this has taught the fashion enthusiasts is that there are no limitations whatsoever in fashion. As long as you can conceive the idea, it’s achievable in fashion.


No doubt the strength of colour in fashion has invoked and also unlocked an endless world of possibilities in fashion, which, not only gives room for creativity but also uniqueness. By extension, it breaks through the formal repetitive and boring norm in fashion. Colour combination leaves everyone with the thirst to want to explore the numerous colours and their different shades which in turn birth beautiful trends in fashion.

Ojo Adebola Victoria

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