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Social Media Trends For Saturday 31st July 2021

Admin 01-Aug-2021 Nigeria_News

*Abba Kyari*

This came up the trend after celebrated Nigerian police officer, Abba Kyari, was fingered as a beneficiary in an international fraud case. Mr Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police, was mentioned by Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi, as receiving part of the proceeds of fraud for which the latter is being prosecuted in the U.S.

Social media has been awash with reports of the subject matter, as the US government has allegedly issued an arrest warrant against the top police officer. 

*Below are some of the reactions that trailed the trend:*

*@iam_Chisco1 wrote:* If I were Abba kyari I will act like a brave police officer, I won't go down alone. l will expose them all even @MBuhari and other politicians, and Big billionaires in Nigeria. 

I will call names let the libration start from me and we promise to make you a hero.

*@NwasoriaJ:* This matter is not to be seen or handled with nepotism or clannish. Federal character has to play out. The accused is presumed innocent till found guilty therefore Abba Kyari can defend himself on this allegation when he gets to America. He knows the law.

*@DrOlufunmilayo:* To those saying "Abba Kyari should be tried in Nigeria”

Pls understand: Hushpuppi stole money from US Govt meant for American citizens. Abba Kyari helped Hushpuppi complete a transaction by jailing someone for him. This is a crime against America. He cannot be tried in Nigeria.

*@fisayosoyombo:* Abba Kyari ought to have been arrested by now. 

Considering he is a "supercop", a DCP described as "the most decorated policeman in Nigeria's history", any country that understands national pride/integrity would have handed him over to FBI by now. But, you know, this is Nigeria. 

*@nicholasibekwe:* That Abba Kyari is Nigeria's most decorated cop is an indication of the level of impunity in the country.

Since 2016 he has been accused of extortion, extrajudicial killings, and torture yet the Nigerian state did not only fail to bring him to book, it honoured him.

*Sunday Dare*

Many Nigerian sports lovers have expressed anger and disappointment over the disqualification of 10 Nigerian athletes at the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

It was gathered that ten Nigerian athletes were disqualified for not meeting the minimum testing requirements under Rule 15 governing National Anti-Doping Federation.

While some social media users called for the sack of the Minister of Sports, others asked him to resign, describing the disqualification of the Nigerian athletes as embarrassing.

*@dejidimples:* Did Sunday Dare ask her to take dope? Even if she mistakenly consumed banned substance, how is that Sunday Dare's problem why not call on her coach. They should be the one looking out for her, not the Minister.

*@abiolafakoyede* said, No thanks to our Minister of sports and his ministry. Next time appoint professionals to manage our sports ministries and not politicians who are good at not following rules. The Minister should resign with immediate effect.

*@tundestephen:* We should not have wasted our time going in the first place. This is a total disgrace, I am shocked that simple testing requirement, we couldn’t meet.

“What were they expecting, for the IOC to allow them to compete after not meeting the minimum standard for testing? They must be jokers.

*@davi_datta:* Table tennis, we didn’t pass the three rounds in both male and female categories. Football, we didn’t qualify. Basketball, we have lost two matches. Taekwando, we didn’t qualify.

Our only hope was in athletics, even this one too, we couldn’t do the right thing to enable us compete. Our sports Ministry is in shambles.

*@InnieNuell* said: It’s bad. Shameful! And to make it worse when these men make atrocious mistakes nobody is sacking them, nobody is coming for their heads.

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