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Short Knicker: The New Fashion Trend For Men

Admin 14-Oct-2021 Fashion

Back in the days, short knicker started as ‘knee pants' for boys and served as the basis for school and scout uniforms that is worn out of compulsion, not by choice.  

But it was only a matter of time before shorts became normalized, and acceptable in situations, such as hot climates with masculine icons of the time like John Wayne, taking advantage of the new trend. 

There are different types of men's shorts styles. The Running shorts are one of such; they have an inner lining that doubles as underwear. They are designed to facilitate the most freedom of movement during exercise. Most of them are made with polyester.    

Also, there are swimming shorts (swimming trunks) that are made with nylon along with a mesh inner lining which allows it to dry quicker. 

Then, we have the flat-front shorts that are the most common style of shorts. The material lies flat near the zipper for a slim, low-waist look. 

There are also Denim shorts, pleated short, Cycling shorts, Board shorts,  Cargo shorts, Madras shorts , Bermuda shorts just to mention a few. 

Shorts are casual wears and a staple of warm-weather clothing for men. As much as it appears easy and comfortable, there are times to wear and also time not to wear short knickers.  

They are most appropriate for summer events; such time you want to be free to move and comfortable to avoid sweating in the heat. Also, they are worn for lounging with friends, walking around town in the daytime as well as going to a private party.  A well-fitted pair of shorts will better suit these occasions.  

However, shorts are not allowed for and formal or official events like interviews, business meetings and other formal or semi formal events. 

It is also advised that there should be a limit to the length of short. The most common lengths for men's shorts are 3, 5, 7 and 9 inches measured through the inseam. 

The short-shorts should be between 3-5 inches and it’s usually include athletic variants like swimming trunks and running shorts. While the Longer shorts falls between 7-9 inches, it comprises common styles like flat-front khakis, pleated shorts, Bermuda shorts, and Madras shorts. Longer shorts have a more formal look than shorter shorts.

The best way to wearing shorts correctly is never below the knee. Anything beyond that ambles is never stylish and it also defeats the purpose of wearing shorts. The question is if the goal is comfort and flexibility, why would you restrict the knees? 

It’s advisable to go 2-3 above the knee if you are wearing casual shorts with a t-shirt, button-down, or polo. This works well with chino shorts or khakis. Athletic shorts on the other hand can easily end 5-6 inches above the knee. 

The best colours for shorts are blue of different hues, ranging from navy all the way to light blue. It's a highly interchangeable colour that agrees well with the heat. Pairing navy chino shorts with a white casual button-down for example is a classic combination. 

Also brown shorts are commonly found as khakis. It's a timeless, simple colour with considerable versatility. Khakis are even the common choice for slightly more formal situations.

Gray is a non-colour that matches anything you could muster. You also have your pick of shades ranging from charcoal to light gray.

Pastel colours, such as lime, lavender, mint, and salmon are considered ultra-casual. They are highly versatile but draw more attention than their conservative ones. 

Men's shorts have a place in every man's closet. As long as there is proper understanding of fitting and setting, you can turn them into a potent weapon in fashion.

For sure, short knicker has gradually finds its way back to trending styles and fashion for men. 

Ojo Adebola Victoria

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