Scientists And Moves To Demystify Death

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By Remi Adebayo

Everyone is mortal and subject to extinction through various possible means. Death, they say is inevitable, and will come when it will; this informs the struggle to ward off the irreversible end with everything and precautionary possible measures.

Imagining the possibility of immortality, a state where no one dies and where everyone lives. This seems impossible, but scientists are perhaps challenging death and making efforts to make longer, if not eternal living possible.

In achieving this, a group of Yale scientists pumped a custom chemical into dead pigs’ cells to resuscitate them and likely bring them back to life.

Interestingly, as reported by New York Times, the solution which the doctors call OrganEx worked as the pigs’ hearts began to beat just with the solution circulating in their veins and arteries and the cells in their hearts, livers, kidneys and brains functioned again. The animals never got stiff, as would be expected.

This new research follows a similar experiment, from four years ago, when they found that brain cells from dead pigs could be revived.

“One practical implication: Doctors hope that the solution, which the scientists called OrganEx, could eventually help increase the number of human organs available for transplant. The technology might also be used to prevent severe damage to hearts after devastating heart attacks or brains after major strokes.”

But that’s all way down the line. For now, the researchers are wondering about the scientific definition of death. The pigs were not considered conscious in any way, but their seemingly dead cells revived.

With this feat and going scientific innovations to unearth more life-saving discoveries, it is uncertain if science was penetrating into the extreme push to reverse certain deaths and then demystify mortality in state of being at the extinct point where cells could be made to get revived again.

“We presume death is a thing, it is a state of being,” said an expert who was not associated with the research. “Are there forms of death that are reversible? Or not?”

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