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OBBO - Ayegunle Has Been Kidnapped

Admin 14-Oct-2021 Crime

His Royal Majesty, The Owalobbo of Obbo-Ayegunle is the latest victim of kidnappers on rampage along the government abandoned Osi-Obbo-Ayegunle road in Ekiti LGA of Kwara State. This road is now notorious for kidnapping and other criminal activities. The Osi-Obbo-Ayegunle road is now a renowned den for displaced criminal Herdsmen from the Southwest Nigeria.

Obbo-Ayegunle has been completely ostracized by the successive Kwara State government despite the prominent contributions from Obbo Kingdom.

The road is in a sorry and tragic state. The state of Osi-Obbo-Ayegunle road has provided a fertile ground for incessant kidnapping and assassination. 

Will Kwara state government watch while Obbo-Ayegunle community is wiped off Kwara map?

Where are the political leaders of Ekitiland of Kwara State? 

The government and the security agents should as a matter of emergency make sure that Obbo-Ayegunle kidnapped this afternoon be released from the kidnappers.

Enough is Enough!!!

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