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Looking For Somewhere to Have Premium Fun? Check This Nude Beaches Out

Admin 15-Sep-2021 Lifestyle

By Tayelolu Akinbohun

We know summer is almost over, but what better way to show off that hot summer body than sunbathing at some of the world’s best nude beaches, right? 

Naturist destinations where clothing is optional are becoming popular.

For those who like to keep it minimal and are tired of casinos, dance bars and strip clubs, nude beaches are the latest fad.  

What more do you need for a perfect beach holiday! 

Well, if you want to feel the sand in every part of your body, grab that bottle of sunblock too.

If you are looking for best nude beaches in the world, you have come to the right place. 

Here is a list we have compiled for you;

Best nudist beaches in Europe where you can strip off in the heatwave, from  Turkey to Greece and France

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II Nude Beach |

Hedonism II is one of the most famous sex resorts in the entire world. There are two sections to the resort: the clothed side and the nude side. Most folks congregate at the nude side.

They also have a private beach for guests where you can be as naked as you want to be. You can also be nude in the pool, jacuzzi, and even play beach volleyball naked.

Praia do Pinho Beach, Brazil

Praia Do Pinho Beach - WanderLuxe

The hosts of the 2016 Olympics have some breathtaking topless and clothing optional beaches and women. After all, it’s the party land!

Located about 50 miles north of Florianopolis, Praia do Pinho is said to be the first naturist beach in Brazil.

Nudity is mandatory, for you’ll have to strip down if you partake in the fun.

A female partner is mandatory for entry here at one of the best nude beaches around the world.

Naturist Camp Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia

FKK Naturist Camp Valalta - Rovinj |, Campsite in Croatia •

In a nation of rocky beaches, Valalta is an oasis of sand. Perhaps the greatest appeal, however; it is the camping, which makes Valalta an excellent destination for the entire naturist family.

Parents can enjoy the sun while their kids play volleyball, soccer, bocce, mini-golf, or just enjoy the surf. Not the kind of family bonding you had in mind? Leave the kids at the clothing mandatory “Kids Club” and “Teens Club,” where they can swim, play games, and watch shows without their naked parents.

Red Beach, Matala, Crete, Greece

Matala Crete Greece | Red Beach Matala | Town info

Crete’s Red Beach is pleasant with its cobalt-blue waters, sun-dyed bungalows, old remnants and red sandstone cliffs.

It became popular in 1968 when hippies from all over Europe rushed to its shores.

The resort at Red Beach has remained a naturist most loved destination due to its rural appeal and its resistance. You can go nude all around except for the lounge area.

Guests to Red Beach will discover the range’s antiquated caverns intriguing.

 Little Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii.

Going Au Naturelle at Maui's Little Beach in 2021 | Hawaii beaches, Beach,  Maui

In the island of Maui, the Little Beach is where you'll find a truck-load of nude peeps. Well, being nude is not what is striking about the place. It's the vibe that hipsters bring that makes the place memorable.

So, if you're in Hawaii, don't forget to stop by!

Samurai Beach

Samurai Beach | Nude bathing permitted. | Andy Lam | Flickr

Along with the nearby One Mile Beach, Samurai is located next to Tomaree National Park. It is well-maintained year round. 

Unlike the family-friendly One Mile, Samurai is completely clothing-optional.

Making friends while playing naked beach volleyball is a distinct possibility.

There are lots of resorts and lodges to make your stay comfortable and pleasant.

All these make it one of the best nude beaches around the world.

Bellevue Beach

Bellevue Beach - Dubrovnik, Croatia — Steemit

Located on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Bellevue is at its peak during the summers. One side of the beach allows you to be completely topless, and the other half is free-spirited (if you know what I mean!).

Wreck beach, Vancouver, Canada

The Waste Coast: Wreck Beach

Wreck beach is on the western end of Vancouver. Wreck’s the oldest and largest clothing-optional beach in Canada. 

This beach was also nominated to be one of the Canada’s seven natural wonders.

It doesn’t get too packed thanks to no road access.

But there are vendors who roam the shore selling everything from booze to T-shirts.

The vendors, like everyone else, are semi-to-fully nude always.

Though the climate isn’t exactly tropical, it’s Canada, after all.

 Grand Saline Beach, St. Barth

Visit Florida: Nudist group 'embellished' partnership

If you're a party animal, this is one beach that you cannot miss. Located on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy, the Grand Saline Beach has a stunning view as carefree naked party goers enjoy the scenic beauty.

Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook), New Jersey

The Only Nude Beach in New Jersey is in Monmouth County

Gunnison Beach is the only legal clothing-optional beach in all of New Jersey. It's a popular destination for folks who live in New York and New Jersey given its close proximity.

It's not as stunning as the other beaches on the list, but unlike the other spots, which likely require a flight, Gunnison is only a drive if you live in the New York/New England area! Not only that, but it's a nude beach you could easily attend on any given summer weekend.

Orient Bay, St. Martin, French West Indies

Club Orient beach reviews, photos - Orient Bay - Saint Martin - GayCities  Saint Martin

This stretch of sand might just be the best nude beach in the Caribbean.

You won’t find many people arguing the point. White sand, blue water, famously gorgeous weather combine to elevate Club Orient to iconic status among naturists. According to our research, there are also lots of bars and restaurants along the beach, as well plenty of water sports.

Among your options are naked parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and sail boating. Just make sure you make your way to the all-nude Club Orient located at the southern end of the bay and open to members and non-members alike before you take off your clothes.

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