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For Lovers: High School Love Life

Admin 14-Oct-2021 Ladies_Chat_Room, Ladies_Chat_Room

By Omoboyowa Tolulope and Halima Babali

 Teen love and fantasy are unforgettable, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Honestly, I don’t regret any of my high school love life. I was having a brief conversation with my friend Amy, and she suddenly mentioned Sadiq and I automatically had goose bumps all over. It made me remember an unforgettable high school love I had.

 I had a crush on Sadiq when I was in JSS3 at Bright International School, unfortunately, he did not notice me because he was in A-class and I was in B-class. We barely spoke nor come across each other.

 But things changed when we were all promoted to SS1. I began wearing short skirts and a more fitted shirt. It was so exciting, as we fortunately ended up in Science class. We were asked to pick our field of study and I was so happy, although my feelings for him were not as wild as it was, but yet I was still stealing glances.

 He was a pretty bright student and actually quite popular in school. Things began to change when we were both grouped in our Chemistry laboratory practical, we started talking when we both sat close to each other.

 My heart was racing, it was our first time talking an I felt like I was writing an exam. Subsequently, we had frequent conversations that began to draw us nearer.

 I remember my first gift from him on Valentine's Day; he got me chocolates and a pen. I was so happy; I used the pen occasionally that term.

 During holidays, we talk on the then 2go App, chatting till 12am and making calls with the free night call plan. I was always eager to have calls with him. Sadiq was my first boyfriend, I have had other crushes but never dated them and he was as well my first heartbreak.

 We were in the canteen a day like that I can recall, sipping from a bottle of Coke he got for me, he calmly told me that his parents wanted him to take WAEC from SS2 and if he passed, he would had to the university from there.

 Lord, knows I was praying for him not to pass, fortunately or unfortunately he passed. I wanted to be happy for him but my heart was selfish, I did not congratulate him, call or text him throughout the holiday.

 I just wanted to forget about him in the next session. The fact that changing SIMs was so easy then and I had little or no contact made me discard my SIM and stop responding to his 2go messages.

 Dating back to now, we met on Facebook, started chatting, exchanged numbers we talked, and brought back memories.

 He is presently in the UK studying, I got to explain things to him and we all laughed about it. He is engaged to a pretty Arab lady.

 Our high school experience was an unforgettable yet dramatic one.

We all have different experiences; some are freaky while some had it gentle. 

What’s your own high school love life like? 

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