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Direct Primaries: Victory for Buhari, Lawmakers, Loss to State Govs - Ojudu

Admin 13-Oct-2021 Politics, Nigeria_News

By Remi Adebayo

Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Political Matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu has reacted to the Tuesday, October 12, 2021 approval by the Senate mandating direct primaries as benchmark for selecting candidates of all political parties in elections.

In his reaction seen by AbujaCityJournal, the presidential aide described the decision of the Senate as victory for President Buhari who he said has always canvassed for mass participatory democracy, and also for lawmakers who will now be free from the overbearing influence of their state governors.

"Yesterday’s decision was a victory for the lawmakers and a loss for the despots in the states. 

"It is also a victory for President Buhari who has all the while canvassed for mass participation in choosing candidates as opposed to the process that subsists and allow for manipulation. It is not as if the direct primaries are fool proof or perfect, but it gives an advantage to a good organiser or a candidate loved by the people but detested by his governor, particularly when INEC may have to organize this," Ojudu noted.

The veteran journalist further added it is a lesson for state governors to remember that they may be governors today but will tomorrow be no governors. 

He therefore clamoured that fair democratic process that serves all Nigerians be put in place, not the one that gives advantage to someone today "and tomorrow makes us hold the wrong side of the stick."

"We were at the Federal Executive Council (FEC) Retreat yesterday when the news came in that the Senate has passed an amended  electoral law. With this action it is now mandatory for all the political parties to do Direct  Primaries," he noted.

Narrating the ordeals of some members of the National Assembly, Senator Ojudu said they have been threatening to do this since the Ward Congress of All Progressives Congress (APC) took place.

"Many of them were disenfranchised in their constituencies and had no hope of returning. Many were chased away from their Wards on the order of their governors. They could not vote and their supporters could not be voted. Those who emerge as officials at this level end up being delegates in Indirect Primaries. The almighty governors let them know that their political careers are  now at their mercies. 

"If the Indirect mode of primaries were left in place most of the present lawmakers will not return in 2023 as many were not allowed in the past thus robbing the NASS of experienced members. The governors would have found new alter boys and girls," the former lawmaker explained.

Highlighting the gains of direct primaries, the political Adviser emphasized that it will allow all members of the party in a particular electoral constituency to vote to elect who will represent them in particular elections. 

This is against the indirect primaries which only allows only delegates to vote. 

"Delegates in most cases are put in place by governors and godfathers. Governors also have huge funds to resource them. This gives undue advantage to the man currently in power and in money. It does not allow the emergence of the independent minded, most competent but the most malleable and sometimes most stupid.

"I was not surprised when at the retreat, friends who were governors and are now ministers or appointees were jubilant. They were so excited that they now have a window of opportunity to be relevant in their states again," he added.

Senator Ojudu it was an opportunity for him to tell them that "you people were opposed to this when you were governors. Why are you converts now that you are no more governors?" 

"It is simply because there are new masters, new Lords of the manor now in their states and they too are experiencing the other side of life.  Many are political exiles in Abuja having been driven out of their states by present governors and are now irrelevant in the scheme of things," Senator Ojudu observed.

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