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Could It Be Karma?

Admin 15-Sep-2021 Ladies_Chat_Room

By Omoboyowa Tolulope

Life is full of events where no one knows when a situation can change, or how life will eventually turn out. Karma is translated as “a good deed that will lead to a future beneficial effect or a bad deed that will lead to a future harmful effect.” It’s a popular saying we all know about but it’s one’s choice to believe or not. 

Jemaah knows it exists but disregards it... “I don’t care, I live my life and I control how it will turn out,” she used to say. This was the first statement she made after the first encounter she had with Micah Budge.

Budge is a popular man in Abuja, and he is known to be a hardworking man with zero tolerance for frivolities. He is also known as a faithful husband and a dedicated father. When they talk about quality, he’s all ladies type. Every lady at MB Group of Companies passes advances at him while they are quite aware of his marital status. Micah is a boss to over 50 staff and his company handles contracts, mostly from the government.

A call came in for Micah around 5:30am from Mr. Agunbiade, and being a businessman that he is, Micah stood up to take the call. Excusing himself from the room so as not to disturb his sleeping wife. “Hello, Mr. Agunbiade,” Micah said as he picked up the phone. Mr. Agunbiade responded and told Micah about a new contract coming up and they needed to work with someone recommended by their contractor, as this person’s employment will determine if the contract will fall into their hands or not. 

Being a boss to that large number of people and he sees no reason why that one will be difficult.  “That’s not a problem, I will inform the manager to create a space at the Marketing Department.’ They both ended the call on agreeable terms. The day has started for him already as he dashed into the gym for his daily routine.

Jemaah Okunde is a sister-in-law to Alfred, finished her NYSC and is in dire need of a job. Being a family member to an influential person like Mr. Alfred made everything set for her as she was told to resume at MB Group of Companies the following Monday. Jemaah was excited as she sees life going smoothly as she plans it to be. She took from her savings and dashed out to get some official wears as she doesn’t want to be left out in the fashion world. 

Jemaah resumed and she was asked about her area of specialty, she responded; ‘Project Management.’ “Oh that’s good.” Micah, not on the interview board walked in and took a seat; “we have a project coming up, Miss Imade, please educate her on what the company does, and let’s see if she can work on the project with us,” Micah said before he left the conference room for his office but at this point, Jemaah has fixed her whole attention on her boss and not on a single word he said. She was snapped out of her fantasy by Imade as she walked her to her office. She was briefed and tasked with minor assignments to test her ability and her effectiveness. 

Report reaching the boss a week after that Jemaah is diligent at what she does and Micah was impressed; “Connection can only get you the job, but it’s your performance and your ability to learn will keep you on the job,” Micah said to Jemaah sitting across the desk in his office and she smiled, fixing her gaze on his white gap teeth. 

Imade who had noticed this excused her from the office and told her to go back to work. After the close of the day, Imade approached Jemaah and told her the boss is married and has kids; she advised her not to allow that thought to grow and become something she won’t be able to control.

What would Jemaah do? Stay tuned as the end to this story is far from the beginning.

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