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BBNaija: You Are The Dumbest Housemate, Nini Tells Cross

Admin 15-Sep-2021 BBNaija

BBNaija: You Are The Dumbest Housemate, Nini Tells Cross

By Morenike Bailey

BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes housemate, Nini has declared Cross as the dumbest housemate in the house.

The duo had a clash while carrying out their cleaning duty on Wednesday and Cross had confronted Nini for washing the bathroom before people bath, whilst reporting her to the head of house, Whitemoney.

Nini who pleaded with him for a while, got angry and retaliated that it has always been the practice and questioned why Cross is picking on her for doing the same.

One thing led to the other and Nini called Cross 'dumb' while he called her 'stupid'.

Nini continued for over ten minutes as she hurled incessant insults on the Anambra breed with no response from him.

She said: “He kept on yelling at me. Let’s do an IQ test and you’ll be the one with the lowest IQ what do you know about jumping about.

“The smallest thing in your body is your brain as big as you are. You don’t know me, if you see me on the road you’ll avoid me.

“I’ve been indulging you to feed your ego."

While housemates tried to calm Nini down, Pere and Angel escorted Cross out of the scene and bid him not to respond which he did.

Nini continued; " You are the dumbest person in this house and we all know that. You are even dumber than my fish.

"Bastard, you have a pea-sized brain, we all fucking know that but we indulge your stupidity.

"Big for nothing, empty vessel"

Saga escorted her to the garden afterward but she continued with the insult.

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