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BBN: Mary Njoku, Nkechi Blessing Shades Those Trolling Angel Over Appearance

Admin 27-Jul-2021 BBNaija, BBNaija

BBN: Mary Njoku and Nkechi Blessing Shade Those Trolling Angel Over Appearance

By Morenike Bailey

Actresses Mary Nkoju and Nkechi Blessing have taken to their various social media handles to call out those shading Shine Ya Eyes housemate Angel, over her appearance on her first day on the show.

Recall ACJ previously reported how social media users trolled Angel over her boobs revealing dress which she wore without a bra hence showed her saggy boobs.

Trolled for claiming to be a 21-year-old yet which saggy boobs like that of a mother of three.

Nonetheless, Njoku and Nkechi took to their Instagram to shame those trolling the housemate.

Nkechi says women should do better for each other than making a fellow woman feel less of herself. She also admonished that humans need to spread love not hate.

" I understand if a man shames a woman for having fallen breast, But Aunty Even you? Common we can really do better than making a woman feel less of herself, unlike some oda people that can’t stand trolling and insults, they tend to fall into depression and harm themselves, But you see me? If dem born your father well come and abuse me on my page, I will send you back home..we need to be the change we seek, by spreading more love than hate…Love and light” she said.

Blunter, Mary asked if the breast of any troller's mum haven't fallen, stating that all boobs will eventually fall regardless of who's boob it is.

"If the size of a man’s penis is a visible as the shape and size of a woman’s breast, the world would be a better place.  Stop body shaming women. Bros e don do na! Bres don fall, Bres don fall, so? Your mama own never fall? All bres go fall Las Las. Make we hear word Abeg!!”

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