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2023: Why Yoruba need a better Alternative -Kayode Ajulo

Admin 24-Jun-2021 Opinion

The race to the 2023 presidential election has gathered more dust than we could have ever thought, the various indices playing on the various nation’s political field indicate a more complicated ride ahead.

While we hope for a credible election come 2023, it’s highly imperative that the Yorubas start to consider a better and a more viable option, while the various crops of politicians who have come out to indicate their interest for the presidency come 2023 holds various and obvious uncertainty hovering over their personality and candidacy, the Yorubas must take the presidency come 2023 more serious than ever.

In the wake of the various national issues which is currently militating against the growth of the nation and the it status as a sovereignty state, its quite important that the Yorubas start to consider an alternative for the presidency, a round peg in a round hole who has the much needed qualities to steer the affairs of the nation not just as a true Yoruba Man but also has a true Nigerian.

There is no better time than now, time has present us with another opportunity to rewrite our history and once again reposition the nation for good, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is a man who truly fits this description, he is one with a brilliant and impeccable personality. His records and antecedents are there for us to objectively check and examine.

A true professional and progressive to the core, he has never failed to live up to expectations when duty calls, he holds the best of qualities we can ever ask or hope for in a public officer. His sterling years of service with no scandal or controversies makes him a better choice.

We need not search for the hills and valleys to present a credible Yoruba Presidential Candidate, Yemi Osinbajo is right here, up for the taking. I hope we look above the mountains of sentiments to do the needful. The future is in our hands.

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