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CSO Criticizes EFCC’s Hastiness in Yahaya Bello’s Arrest, Suggests Political Bias



Anti-corruption Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have voiced concerns over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) swift move to arrest former Kogi State governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, amidst an impending Court of Appeal hearing on the EFCC’s application to lift a restraining order. The CSOs cautioned against what they perceive as a rush to apprehend Bello, suggesting it may lend credibility to allegations of political persecution.

At an emergency press briefing held in Lagos, activists and human rights crusaders criticized the public clash between EFCC officials and Bello in Abuja, deeming it “unnecessary and unfortunate.” Adeniran, who addressed the press, emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and expressed concern over the EFCC’s actions potentially undermining judicial processes.

The CSOs highlighted that the EFCC’s attempt to arrest Bello came just days before the scheduled Court of Appeal hearing, implying a disregard for due process and a violation of an existing court order to suspend action pending the court’s decision.

They urged the EFCC to conduct its anti-corruption efforts within the boundaries of the law and respect legal procedures. The CSOs emphasized the need for adherence to Nigerian criminal justice system regulations and court directives, stressing that such principles should be upheld impartially by all parties involved in corruption cases.

The CSOs’ stance underscores broader concerns about the intersection of law enforcement and politics in Nigeria’s anti-corruption landscape, urging transparency, fairness, and adherence to legal frameworks in combating corruption.

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