Contact Tour of OSMA President to the Embassies of Member Countries in Abuja Nigeria

Admin 31-Mar-2021 Sports

Olayemi Esan, Abuja

The Organization of Military Sport In Africa OSMA President Brigadier General Maikano Abdullahi has started effective official tour to embassies of OSMA member countries. 

As a follow-up to the implementation of his policy of revitalising OSMA activities, and as a prelude to the organisation of the 1st Sahel Solidarity Games, the President of the organisation, Brigadier General MAIKANO Abdullahi, undertook a series of contacts with the Nigerian Chief of Defense Intelligence and the Ambassadors of OSMA member countries based in Abuja and due to take part in the aforementioned games as follows: Chad, Benin, Mali, Cameroon, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo,etc .

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