2023 Presidency: Igboho Vows to Eliminate Yoruba Politicians (Video)

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Ayodeji Seriki

…Tinubu, Fayemi others may be killed

Politicians like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi and others may be killed  before the 2023 election by the self-acclaimed Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise  known as Sunday Igboho. In a new video trending on social media, Igboho threatened to go after politicians of Yoruba extraction who are already campaigning ahead of the 2023 general election.

The video first appeared online a week ago in a post by Facebook TV, 9ja Searchlight.

Speaking in the video, Mr Igboho said; ”instead of Yoruba politicians to be leading the secession struggle, they are campaigning for the next presidential election”.

“You should know that you are not supposed to seek election to the office of the President, you should identify with our agitation and lead us in the secession struggle,” he said in Yoruba language.

“I will not allow you to campaign because I will kill you all (Yoruba politicians) before (2023) campaigns. I swear to God, we will shoot them with guns from the back.”

He also agitated for an ‘Oduduwa Republic’ in the video saying “Yoruba elders, traditional rulers should lead us to secession war for the independent Oduduwa Republic.

“We need not to be scared because we have enough money to fight. We have crude oil and sea (to export and import goods). We will enjoy most, if we separate. By the time we separate, we will only suffer for less than two weeks only and later enjoy.

“Why are you (politicians) selfish and campaigning to (for) president in 2023? Are you mad? Let your campaign be limited to your family members. If you campaign in the public, I will fight you,” he threatened.

“Last October I gave an early warning to some our leaders before they were humiliated by protesters. That was just the beginning; more will soon come. Those who don’t have charms should go and prepare and get charms to fight for Oduduwa Republic.”

Recall that some security operatives attached to Operation Burst, a joint police-military outfit, in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Friday, reportedly attempted to arrest Mr Igboho.

He was accosted on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway while on his way to meet an elder statesman, Ayo Adebanjo.

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