When Mother-In-Law Became Mother Of My Son

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 When Mother-In-Law Became Mother Of My Son

By Mary Odiong

My name is Rufus, I am 35 years old. Some years ago, while I worked as a sales manager for Coca-Cola company in Lagos, I met Cynthia and we became friends. Sooner than later, proposed to her and she accepted. We journeyed together and she introduced me to members of her family.

I got closer to her mother and her siblings. Her father was a night watchman. He was barely seen at home. My fiance's mother was almost having the same stature as her daughter Cynthia. She was beautiful.

She occasionally visited me with foodstuffs and beverages. I stopped buying most of the ingredients for food. She made life a little bit easier for me.

On one of the occasions when I had a meeting with my club members at an event center, I was surprised to see the mother of my would-be wife at the venue, she was with her friends too. We finished at almost the same time. She had to wait for her driver to come to pick her up. When he was not forthcoming, I offered to drop her off at home. Though I was drunk, I was still conscious of my driving pedals. Gradually, the alcohol was taking over my body. 

When we got to a certain deserted place, we kissed and eventually had sex. I am not proud of the act but I moved on and dropped her off at home.

She got pregnant and went ahead to nurse the pregnancy and gave birth to a baby boy. She forced the paternity of my son on her husband, my father-in-law.

I was furious, she apologized and explained that she needed a strong place in the family by giving birth to a male child. So when the test revealed the sex of the baby, she had to keep it.

I went ahead and married  Cynthia her daughter and we are blessed with a baby girl. Nobody knows what happened. It was just a one-off affair that I will not allow to happen again.

I now dodge going for activities and/or meetings at their family house. My mother-in-law keeps apologizing for what happened. I am not here to blame or exonerate anybody. I just want to be free psychologically. The guilt is all over me. Whenever I am with my wife, the guilt comes heavily on me.

The last time I was in their house for a get-together, my son came to me and greeted me. "Good morning uncle", he said with a soft smile. I died and resurrected.

Fear of shattering both families would not allow me to confide in anyone. Coming here will hide my identity and I will have a chance to read the comments as to how I can be free mentally.

My wife prays daily for a male child. In her words, she would say "... God our father, you did for my mother when all hope was lost, do for me my Lord...". 

Will I ever have a male child?

Did I just sell out my son for a pleasure of few minutes?

Should I open up to my wife and face the consequences?

But what about my father-in-law? Will his marriage still be intact?

I regret everything that happened that day

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