The Scar Of Betrayal

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The Scar Of Betrayal

By Mary Odiong

My wife and I have always been the best of friends . Worries, troubles and problems were always shared.

Back in the years during courtship, and the first few years of marriage, love and sincerity fought our battles.

My name is Udeme, the only child from the product of a broken home. My mother left the house for a business trip and never returned but got married later to another man. I was in dire need of a mother until I met Patience my wife. In her, I found a friend, mother, sister and wife. 

Patience was already a teacher by profession before I met her. We never depended on each other because I was working too. Financial responsibilities were shared and love stood in the gap where money could not. 

Four years after our wedding,  one child, I discovered my wife's attention was drawn only to her parents and siblings. Other people did not matter. Paying our son's school fees, buying food, paying rents and utility bills fell on me. 

On many occasions, she had complained of being dubbed by online marketing platforms. She became very secretive with her calls and messages. I knew her phone's password but never for once tried looking into it. 

One day, her father called when she was in the bathroom, I picked up without saying a word and the voice from the other side said: "Pepe, the workers are almost done with the roofing, remember we have to pay the balance by tomorrow. I have sent the account to you on Whatsapp". I did not understand anything, I was dumbfounded! 

Immediately, I rushed to check out the message on Whatsapp. Lo and  behold, it was the account of work for a 4 bedroom flat built by my wife in her name, supervised by her father. 

I was mad, angry and felt betrayed! Immediately after dropping my son at school for Saturday lessons, I hurried back home to her. 

"Your father called earlier" I said. She was stattled and desperate to know what we discussed. "Is he sick again, I hope all is well with him?" she actually thought her father called through my phone. 

Reality dawned on her when I told her about the information her father pushed across, even without knowing who answered the call. I told her about the messages on Whatsapp too. 

One of the discoveries was that she recently bought a new car for her elder brother who lost his job. He uses it for township taxi business. 

My phone rang few minutes later, it was my father Inlaw. "My son, I am coming to see you this afternoon, please take it easy". These words further increased my anger. I waited until he arrived. He apologized and tried to exonerate her daughter from the whole scene and the  responsibility for funding the building project.

It was obvious he was lying. He apologized and begged for forgiveness. He confessed that he knew I was not aware of the whole thing. 

I was slow to speak but I responded.  “ For  over two years now, I have been the only one financing the affairs of this house. My wife, your daughter,  claimed she was not being paid and/or that she was duped when actually she was building a house for herself  and you supported her" 

I was angry and walked out of their presence. They begged but I never returned. I am not feeling remorse, I have been betrayed!

I love my wife, I love the friendship we share. But how do I live with her again with so much pain and anger in me? 

I may forgive, but will the pain ever be forgotten? What about the scar of betrayal? 

Her intention was not to surprise me with the building on completion. Only God knows their plans. I have been a good husband to her. I am hurt.

What  should I do? I am totally confused.

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