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Of Miracle, The Sex Demon At 9

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Of Miracle, The Sex Demon At 9

By Mary Odiong

Parental care and early childhood upbringing are essential for a healthy and successful lifestyle in the future. 

In the school where I serve as a teacher, reports of grossly immoral conduct keep popping up and eyes are always on Miracle, a 9 years old girl in Basic 5.

Such activities that would confuse a psychological expert and a spiritual guru, are the kind that Miracle engages in.

Most often than not, Miracle is seen in the toilets and restrooms. 

The last straw that broke the camel's back happened last week when Miracle took one of the male teachers (as though she wanted to show him something in the toilet) and ended up begging him to make love to her. This was not only a surprise but a shock to Mr. Paul, who, out of anger held her on the ear and dragged her to the staff room.

In her confession, Miracle stated that she resorted to Mr. Paul when she had almost exhausted doing it with her male classmates in the course of the school year.  To this, the principal outrightly labeled her a possessed witch, who is sent to destroy the school and humanity at large.

I thought of many things while at school, I could not utter a word. I was confused as to the reason why a girl of that age could be addicted to sex and allied activities. 

While I pondered and wondered, Immediately, what came to mind was THE HOME, I asked myself series of questions "does it mean that she watches her parents make love while growing up? Is it possible that they have a male maid at home who does it with her? What was her growing up like.?"

To the above questions, I had no ready answers, but I knew where to find them.

At once, before her parents arrived, I called Miracle aside in order to get answers to the questions I asked myself. I found out that, Miracle grew up and lives in a one-room apartment with her parents, siblings, and a maid who takes care of the children once they return from school since their parents are working.

Miracle could wake up at night and watch their parents make out, and she started practicing the same with their maid when she was eight and the maid as of then, was 11. 

Once in school, she continued her sexual exploration with her classmates who were always willing to follow her to the school toilet to make out. The ages of the boys she mentioned range from 9 to 13 years.

While we await the arrival of her parents and in my confused state, I decided to put up this story here, so I can get possible solutions or remedy to her problems instead of tagging her as a witch.

I think the main cause of this problem is poverty, both of the mind and material. 

What happens to the salaries of the couple when they have barely very few responsibilities to cater for?

 Is it possible that they are saving money for bigger projects? I think the greatest investment parents could make should be, securing the future for their child. Not just sending them to school but by providing a good if not comfortable living environment. The government also owes the citizens this duty.

Is it really a demonic possession or a sickness?

Can she be rehabilitated?

Who do we run to; a spiritualist or psychologist? Or sex therapist?

Will she ever be well again?

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