Madam Grace Found Sex By Moyo Afolabi

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She was my boss. I was just out of school and this was my first job. I was diligent , coming to work on time and being at my desk carrying out my assignments to the best of my knowledge.

Nothing however satisfy my boss. Believed to be in her late 40s she will harangue me, abuse me and issue queries on things that were inconsequential. I was not the only one that bore  the brunt of her  angst. Even his colleagues, people of the same grade as she was were not spared. She entered the office frowning and closed with anger in her voice and anguish on her face .

We dreaded her and dare not dare her. We noticed that nothing we do could make her friendly or make her treat us like young men and women under her tutelage.
She was feared , not respected. A young lady  actually resigned barely two months after taking on the job simply because she had  become a victim of her caustic tongue. Another has sought transfer and was moved from HR department to marketing simply because she could no longer cope with her tantrum.

If she was  not complaining about the ladies dress, she was expressing her dissatisfaction with the way they  walked, their make up and other matters which had nothing to do with their job.

It got to a point we started calling her agbako behind her back. Agbako in Yoruba language means evil encounter. Such was the way she was dreaded.

Mr Ayo Johnson  got hired after graduating in Sociology and psychology from a university in United Kingdom. He was very handsome and well loved by both female and male staffers of the department. Returning to Nigeria from study abroad he came back with a very beautiful car know as Astin Matin. He was very proud of the car and he took turn to give us a ride in it from from Island to Mainland after the close of work.

One day while I drove with him and I took in the lovely ballad of an  American musician coming out of sound system in the car, he asked how I cope with Madam Grace’s temper at work. I told him I have  learnt to live with it. He said that was not natural. What was not I asked. Her attitude , he said .

 He opined  Madam Grace  must be suffering from some kind of deprivation. Asked what that is he said from his knowledge of psychology what he could deduce was that she may not be having enough sex or not having at all.

My young mind will not understand this. What is psychology? I was hearing that for the first time and what has not making love got to do with bad manners? I was a virgin myself with little or no experience. I kept asking questions and Mr Johnson took his time to educate me as we rode along in his gorgeous car.

Hope,  he said,  is not lost for Madam Grace. His next birthday he told me comes up shortly and he was going to get her to attend. Hopefully , he said, he may develop a liking for ‘one of my male friends’ attending.

The birthday came and a few of us including Madam Grace were invited . I was conscious of her presence and all the while took special interest in her due to what Mr Johnson had discussed with me.

That evening at The Club on the Island a friend of Mr Johnson engaged Madam Grace and in no long time it seems they had been buddies for many months. They took to each other and  each time I stole a glance at them they were either kissing or giggling. Ha! Our own Madam Grace, I said to myself. After a while both of them did appeared .

“Have you noticed any thing about Madam Grace?” , Mr John asked me nearly a month after the birthday party. I had come to deliver lunch to him and on my way to his office I met Madam Grace who most unlike her was very polite. She told me the lunch I got for my boss was late . “ I have  given him a much delicious meal”, she said.

Following morning Madam Grace called we junior staff to her office one after the other offering us a breakfast of boiled yam with egg sauce. Suddenly the one we called tyrant has become very pleasant and motherly in her disposition She beamed with smile even when there was nothing funny.

“What has changed “, I one evening summoned the courage to ask my boss . “Madam Grace “, he said with a wry smile on his lips , “ has not only found love, she has found sex.”

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