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Lost In Love

Admin 25-Mar-2021 true_story

By Mary Odiong

Paulina, an undergraduate student of the University of Abuja, journeyed together in love with Jude, a young intelligent man. Their love won the admiration of many lovers on campus.

They both lived in hostel facilities and so, meeting was  not possible unless during lecture hours and night studies.

They understood themselves and the trust they reposed for each other was top notch.

Paulina grew up with his uncle. Her parents sent her to stay with him in order to manage her illness. She suffers from epilepsy.

Paulina on many occasions had planned to tell her man about her health condition, but on a second thought, she kept it away from him since she rarely gets attacked. She felt it was a good thing not to bother him with her issues yet.

Meeting for night classes was one of their favorite moments. On one of such occasions, while they were gisting and getting all-loved up, Jude had an erection and requested for a blow job, an eppeal she hearkened to. In the process of the love act, just unlike her, and very unexpected, she had an epileptic attack which landed Jude in the hospital.

In the morning of the next day, she was told that Jude's penis was amputated. All attempts to save his life proved abortive. She lost him. She was heartbroken, depressed and frustrated.

Many years has gone by, she can't give another man a chance. Jude was her first love. She has not forgiven herself.

The  guilt still haunts her. She wants to live her life all for her first  love. 

Paulina is  31 years old and the pressure coming from her parents to get married is increasing by the day and she's finding it hard to cope; she's not ready to love again. She's not ready to get married. 

Her continous rejection of suitors is the main battle she is fighting with her parents now. They need her to get married as soon as possible, her uncle is not helping matters too. 

They all need grand children! 

Due to the treatment and pressure she gets from her parents, she ran out of the house and stayed briefly with her grandmother, without telling her about the pressure of getting married. Sooner than later, the old woman found out and started her own part; worries and troubles from granny. 

She is not convinced of getting married anytime soon, no plans of having another lover. She is hardened and for her, the only way of honoring Jude is to stay chaste and single. 

Mom and dad are tired, neighbors have asked questions, friends are concerned, but in all these, Paulina is never bothered, perturbed  or worried. She only wants to live a life free from marital worries and filial engagements. Love for her, is a thing of the past. 

Paulina a young promising woman is about to be lost in the war of thoughts and past events of life. She has no friend, her only companion was Jude, now, she is left alone, and alone she wants to remain until death comes calling. 

Will the parents accept this...? 

Will she ever be happy again.? 

What is the best way to get her out of the feelings of guilt.?

Is there any help on sight?

Can she ever live a happy life again?

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