Led Into Sin By A Priest

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Amarachi The Poor Girl Led Into Sin By A Priest

In the heat of desperation and want, Amarachi lived in a school environment where I met her. 

A young, vibrant, talented and God fearing lady, Amarachi started life as a devoted Christian who was faced with pressure for years, even at a tender age. At the age of 10 she lost her father to the cold hands of death. From thence, she struggled with life whilst her mother  managed to feed her and her siblings. Her mother became dirt poor after her   in-laws left  her with nothing following the tragic death of her husband (another story to tell ) .

Life became worse for her when she completed her secondary school education and was set to go into the tertiary institution but had no financial motivation and backup. As a vibrant young girl and her zeal for education she decided to work for some years to gather money for her education. Working   for just 12 months and with little or nothing to show for it, her plan was shattered and desperation set in as her peers from secondary school were already making it into the university (Hmmm!, how comparison has led a lot of young people astray).

Amarachi grieved how life had been unfair to her, how she was forced to see the callous side of her boss who only paid half of her salary and demanded for sex before she could get the money she worked for. She was devastated by her boss' action and consequently resigned from the work and promised herself never to " trade" herself for money.

At 18, she took up the joint admission and matriculation board examination. She did well and  got admitted into the university but she was faced with another problem of paying acceptance fee of 30,000 naira .She pondered and worried about how to surmount challenge . No one will come to her aid. Help was not coming from her mother not because she was not proud of her daughter getting admitted to a university, after all Amarachi was the first in her family to so do. Her mother was at the end of her wit. Days they will sit in front of each other in their one room apartment looking forlorn, sometimes tears dropping from their eyes.

While thinking and wondering what to do she met with a friend, who  suggested to her she meet with her parish priest for help, As the saying goes problems shared is halved solved.

The meeting with the priest turned out positive as he promised to help her through school, on the condition that she will accept to date him, though he was advanced in age and a Rev Father for that matter. This brought mixed feelings to Amarachi a good Catholic from a lineage of Catholics.

Desperate to go to university Amarachi thought about this option. She dwelled on the rightness and wrongness of the demand made on her by the priest. What will God think of her? Will this not be an eternal curse? How will the parishioners view her and her poor mum if this leaked? 

She pulled herself up and told herself if this comes from a devil itself will it not be better to get educated and live a good life thereafter than sign a pact with poverty. With a good education she reasoned, she will help her mum train her siblings and take everyone out of poverty. If it gets known thereafter that she slept with the priest to achieve this she can relocate to Lagos where life is anonymous and never return to the village again to face humiliation. She told her friend she was ready to meet the priest. Off they both went to the residence uphill where he lived, a former residence for the colonial officials in their locality.

This was how Amarachi found herself in a dalliance with the priest. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, things went smoothly. School fees is paid in as at when due and she got money to maintain herself and something left to pay the school fees of her siblings.

At 19, Amarachi had already procured 3 abortions for the priest. Sooner than expected, the priest grew tired of helping her; he stopped giving her money for fees and her upkeep.  This broke Amarachi down. She was not going to drop out of school, she was determined to achieve her goals. Having seen how one could use her body to make ends meet she started offering it to desperate men, young or old.

In no long time her body became her ware and she really hawked it after school in hotels and private homes in the city where she schooled. Sometimes her experience gladdened her. Those were the days when she earned enough that helped solve her financial needs. At other times she came back to her hostel and sobbed uncontrollably. On such days she would have been maltreated by clients. One day in anger she swore she was going to blackmail the priest, and get money from him to complete her academic pursuit.  But will her blackmail get her any positive result? How would the mother’s church react to her situation? As she narrated her story to me in anger and despondency, she was like the mother hen who lost her chick to a vulture. 

From want Amarachi walked into sin, and from sin she is about to tip toe into a crime. No one, not me her confidant seems to be in a position to help now. She has taken a bite of the proverbial apple.

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