Is My Husband Tired Of Me?

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Is My Husband Tired Of Me?

By Mary Odiong

I became a victim of circumstance in my own home. Life and death seemed the same. Darkness and confusion became my companions. I cried but had no benefit. I won't cry again, God's vindictive prove is my only hope.

My name is Dorathy. Love  found me and I got married to my husband at the age of 31, then, he was 35. We lived together for eight years without a child.

My husband's friend invited us to his church for spiritual checks and counseling since nothing was medically proven to be the cause of our childlessness. On getting to the church, the pastor/prophet prayed for us and told us to be consistent in prayer that God will answer us at the appointed time.

We never returned to that church untill after five weeks when again, we were invited for a revival, this time, my husband was not disposed and he permitted me to go alone with his friend.

Life went on, prayers never departed from my mouth as I prayed day and nights for the fruit of the womb. 

On the evening of that same day, after I returned from the revival, I got home very tired and decided to sleep even without taking dinner. As usual, my husband wanted to make love to me but I was so tired to respond. I remember telling him that we'll do in the morning. 

I turned it down because I know how it used to be, my husband is a fan of BDSM, an acronym I came to know it's meaning to be, bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism. Making love was always like having a year long war with the Philistines. 

On many occasions, he has tied me up to a stake just to make love to me. He enjoys when he sees people suffering. While making love, he slaps me on the eyes and sometimes, I will be crying and I will suffer pains with bloodstains all over my body . It was that bad. 

What was supposed to be a freely enjoyed sex, usually turns into a stream of blood and place of torments. Accepting to have sex was like agreeing to engage in World War 3. I never had it calm and slow. 

On waking up around 5.00 am, my husband was not in the room, he had gone out to pack my things, already, all my bags and clothes were outside the gate. He accused  me of sleeping with the pastor and returning tired to give him excuses.

I cried and begged. His friend came and explained that nothing of that nature happened in the church but he was adamant and I had to leave when he came out with a matchet, threatening to kill me.

Now, I am in the middle of no where, his friends are still pleading with him but it seems his mind is made up.

Does it mean that he is tired of me? 

Obviously, I am not God who gives children to couples. I know that I am not barren.

I have been out of my marital home for two weeks now. Crying is my food day and night.

How  do I go about this? My parents are no more and I have no one to run to.

Should I report this to the pastor against the wish of my husband's friend..?

I am loosing out.

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