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Comfort And The Wicked Man She Loved

Admin 12-Nov-2020 Culture, true_story

Comfort And The Wicked Man She Loved

This is the story of Comfort, a lawyer and a promoter of the feminine gender. I am grieved to share this story with the world but I have no choice, it may be of   help to people in one way or the other.

Comfort lived with her family (her parents and 3 siblings) in a deserted village in the riverine area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. People of their  community were predominantly farmers and fishermen. Her parents were not left out of this profession. They combined farming and fishing and life was good with her. After her secondary education, she was admitted to study law in one of the prestigious Nigerian universities. After years of studies in the university, she proceeded to the Law school and was called to bar after she met all the requirements. She was 27 years old then.

She was selective when it comes to relationships especially with men, making friends was not her problem, she was an introvert and was always happy to be in isolation. Commy as she was called by friends and associates was very intelligent but reserved.

At 28, she was still a virgin and had no boyfriend. Her younger sister Patience was already married while Comfort was in the law school. Pressure started flowing from her parents and other members of the family when she returned from her NYSC. Because of this pressure, she became a bit open to welcome friends, especially men.

In one of the occasions in court, a man, well dressed approached her, and declared his intention of marrying her. This was timely. Without much time for courtship, Comfort agreed to marry him on the condition that there will be no sex until after the wedding. This, the man agreed and proceedings for the marriage celebration started.

The marriage was however consummated on the night of the wedding when they had their first sex. Immediately after the sex, the man revealed to her that "he was not interested in keeping her as a wife but that there was a bet among his friends that he cannot have sex with her". Simply put, there was a bet that the man cannot have her in his bed no matter the trick used, so he had to employ the "I will marry you trick" which is still being used today by most men.

The husband filed for a divorce a day after the wedding and left Comfort in severe pain and agony. She was used, she cried bitterly and returned to her parents. She was advised to take a legal approach to the case but she refused, blaming all that happened on her parents who pressurized her into the ill-fated marriage with a man whose intention ab initio was not genuine.

Comfort is now in her early thirties and had become a feminist, she prefers not to be married than to fall a victim of a wild beast in human form. She is still bitter with the experience she had. She cries day and night for loosing her virginity to a man who was not worth it.

Comfort now lives comfortably on her own, discarding every opportunity of getting married again. She is afraid of making the same mistake twice. She is financially independent and prefers to die single than to suffer in the hand of another man. 

Comfort is one of the most sort after female solicitors in the country. She believes that she is not duty-bound to get married to anyone and would not be punished by God if she dies without a husband.

Will she continue to stay without a husband?

Will men continue lusting after women they are not interested in marrying?

When will marriage related wickedness end?

I will leave you my readers with the above questions. You can leave your answers in the comments section below.

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