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Trouble in Paradise 2

Admin 05-Aug-2021 true_story

Trouble in Paradise 2

By Mary Odiong 

"Maybe I shouldn't have insisted on seeing the boss, just maybe "

... I couldn't turn back.

I couldn't afford to turn away without trying. I pleaded nicely and even put up my sorry face. I was really sorry I tried my best to be punctual but I couldn't make it.

I watched the lady's face light up in confusion, irritation and annoyance.

"Fine, wait here. I will give it a try but if he says no then I'm sorry you will have to leave", she strikes a deal and I nodded with a wide smile.

I sat patiently and nervous while waiting for the woman to return. Finally, she did. 

"So?"   I asked her.

"Hmmm.... What magic trick did you use?   He has never gone back on his words ".

" I have the interview?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes, she answered, looking a bit confused. 

" Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" I exclaimed as I flung my hands around the lady for a tight hug. 

The lady cleared her throat signifying for me to regain control over myself. I got the message immediately and let her go.

"You better not screw things up, come with me", she warned. I shook my head excitedly before following her.

" Here we are, act confident, answer politely and don't forget to speak up," She encouraged me. I nodded while trying to get over my nervousness. It was so unlike me to be scared and nervous, but oh well, it was a big day ... So, I guess anyone in my place would feel the same.

I stepped into the office and the door shut behind me.

I stood frozen as I felt my heart racing faster and faster. I could hear blood pumping in my ears. My head seemingly felt dizzy for a second and my palms sweaty.  I gulped down hard. I couldn't afford to be nervous.  I had to be bold, I had to get the job, I needed it.

I noticed the man sitting behind the table a few steps away from where I stood. He had his head bent and his eyes glued to sheets of paper in front of him. I couldn't get a clear look at him. I put on the smile I had practiced several times in front of the mirror.

" Do you need a parade to walk you down here? " He asked in a calm, deep voice without taking a look at me.

I quickly snapped myself out of my thoughts and rushed down to where he sat. I stood in front of his table patiently.

"Sit", he ordered this time looking up.

I was in front of the hottest man ever, I was frozen, like literally frozen. 

He was probably the most gorgeous man I've ever laid my eyes upon.

With prominent cheekbones, well-sculpted lips and those charming eyes in which you could probably look in forever he was the epitome of perfect-ness.

"Your name"? His voice interrupts my train of thought.  I quickly muttered a sorry and asked, sir?  

" Name", He demanded.

"Karen" I stated faintly, unable to recognize my voice. 

"Gosh, I hope he heard me, I can't blow this up " I muffled. 


He went on with the questions... I can boldly say,  I did my best because... Oh well, at that point I couldn't tell what was more important, the job or the man. 

I couldn't take my eyes off him, I just wanted to be around him.

I don't fancy love at first sight stories. I never thought it was real until it dawned on me.  I fell in love with Mr.Pat at that spot. I couldn't tell what was going on but the chemistry was surreal.

One of the greatest pain and agony is being in one-sided love with someone. I didn't know until now.

Oh!, did I mention I got the job?  

Yeah... I started working a week after the interview as Personal Assistant to Mr. Pat.

I feel this is the worst job position I've ever taken. My heart races each time I set my eyes on him. Worst of it all he has a fiance.

 I am where I'm supposed to be happy but the pain is real. 

This is my third month working as P.A to Mr. Pat and I'm already at the edge of letting go. 

Yeah... Don't think of me as a fool, the agony that comes with unrequited love is on another level.

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