The Day I almost Died while Having Sex

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It was sex o, but my sister, I almost died

I enjoy sex!

I am not prudish on the subject but one day, I almost died while at it and before I go further, a little background.

Ok, so there was this guy I was dating back in the day. We had so much fun and the sex was mad as in we were humping anywhere we could being young and foolish; we were even thinking of getting married someday.

He was good to me; bought me things, gave gifts to my family…he was very charming…well until he got upset, then he would go from prince charming to prince horrible!

He would threaten to send me packing from his place, at that time I was living with him. Many times, the quarrels would be over petty things, things that one would normally not even pay attention to…. then the flood gates of hate speech would open. I often wondered back then, did he truly love me like he claimed?

How could you say you love someone and the next minute as in literally, you say sad, miserable things to the person?

He could be so abusive and when in that mood he was a bully; he would be sending toxic messages to me at work; he would be threatening to leave me, telling me he hoped I would meet other men who would treat me half as much as he did… he would say things that hurt me so much and  after a while, I pretended they didn’t get to me. I would even laugh so he wouldn’t know how much I hurt; but it always cut deep. I could never remove those words from my head.

Yes, I know I said he was a great guy but he had his other side and we all do, don’t we?

Just that temper…when he was at it, he would remind me all the things he did for me. He would list them then tell me that if I wanted, I could go try other guys and see if they would be as good as him.

Was I an ingrate? Haa, noo, I always showed gratitude but like I said, it was just his temper and nothing was off limits when he got into that mood of his.

Many times; I wanted to tell him my mind but I knew that would be gutter level; no point sending insults across. So, I would either be quiet because really, this guy had always been good to me just that he had such a temper and when he was like that; he hurt me more than anyone ever had!

And let me add, most times when we quarreled; especially if it happened at night, I would be unable to sleep. His words always cut deep; he would go on and on and I would beg and beg…yes, I know I look like someone who doesn’t beg but I did. I always just wanted peace. He often made me think I was the one who was wrong and he was always right and I accepted it!

So there was this day, we had just quarreled and were about to sleep, it was again over something petty that ballooned into an issue I can’t for the life of me remember. I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t because he always wanted to state his mind, tell me all the wrongs I had done, minute by minute, second by second leading up to that evening, meanwhile, all I just wanted to do was to sleep but my mind was in such a turmoil, my emotions were raw from his words that night.

I pretended again that I wasn’t affected by his words…as usual and tried to make him have sex with me….

Yeah right, you’re looking at me as if we women don’t lure men into sex to settle quarrel? I did it!

I teased him, I apologized for the umpteenth time and finally, he responded.

Now, by explaining to you our relationship, I need you to understand it is related to how I almost died during sex afterwards.

No we didn’t get into BDSM, we do kinky sex but not that type.

Ok, so, we began to have sex, we were entwined, you know.., really getting down to it… his ‘john’ was up and hard as rock, I felt, aha, I got him but you know, his words still rang in my head and I was bleeding inside. I wanted him to just penetrate, you know, hard fuxx and …so we were just getting into it.

I lay there naked with my breasts spread like mangos from different trees, my legs were apart, pubic recently waxed, I wanted him to just enter and begin to thrust deep… my eyes were shut…

Why did I shut my eyes? What kind of question is that? Women don’t shut their eyes anymore? Please let me finish my gist. So there I was o, waiting and hoping that his lovemaking would ease those nasty words…

Sis, as I laid there and he came in, I opened my legs wider, so as to accommodate him better…then he had this wild idea for us to move position, you know, upside down kind of position, something we had seen in a movie…not a very dangerous sex position… and we had tried it a number of times and enjoyed it…

I should have told him my mind wasn’t in it but hey, I wanted us to make up, nothing like makeup sex and so I moved o.

My head hanging down the side of the bed, my legs spread wildly and arched so he could come in…as soon as he began thrusting like mad…suddenly, I looked and I saw him turning, like he was spinning…whuoo,whooo,whoooo

I said, huh?

Did too much blood rush to my head? What is this, biko?

Yes, my bobo was spinning on top of me. I shut my eyes and opened them again. There again, he was spinning. I screamed. Because my eyes couldn’t keep up with the fast pace he was moving…I lifted my head and there he was, still spinning.

Nooo, it wasn’t a sexual act, I was the one who became dizzy!

First thing I asked myself, ‘why is he spinning like that?’

By then, I shut my eyes again, opened them and there he was spinning and I was falling, sliding down, you know I was half hanging on the bed anyways…immediately, he knew something wasn’t right…, he pulled out; I looked at him, still erect, he pulled me into the bed and watched me as I began to slide sideways… I looked, he and the bed were spinning, the ceiling was spinning, the room was like a fast merry-go-round…I swear and I was holding my head and screaming from sheer fright!

I shut my eyes! I told him he was spinning, he said he wasn’t spinning. “Why would I spin, for what? On top of you?”


It wasn’t funny then!

By now my bobo was in panic mode, he ran across the room to get me some water from the fridge. I peeked with a half shut eye and saw that his ‘john Thomas had now shrunk from fright and was dangling between his legs as he hurried to get help.

I couldn’t hold myself upright; he came back with water, wet towel…a bottle of mineral water… I couldn’t hold anything down…

What is this!

Every time I opened my eyes, the room was spinning.

My guy began to pray under his breath, I heard him say, “Please, let nothing happen to her, they will say I fuxxedher to death, how would I explain myself…?”

Ha, it wasn’t funny then o. Me sef, I was praying, “Biko God, I don’t want to meet you like this, naked and…please help me…” I thought I was going to die that night o when even after about 10 minutes everywhere was still spinning.


Let me say here, I have never been dizzy before, never had any of such things where you would see double or anything. So was it the sexual position? Maybe.

I put it down to my state of mind and that night, google indeed was our friend, we searched google over and over again, asking what we needed to do. We googled: feeling dizzy while having sex. feeling dizzy when upside down…dizzy spells and emotions, what to do when dizzy…

Why didn’t we call any doctor?

Well, this isn’t the sort of story you want to tell your doctor or friends, I’m just telling you because I am anonymous!

And as for the boyfriend, well, that’s story for another day.

(Series written and edited by Peju Akande and based on trues stories)

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