Sugar 'zaddy' Bowl

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By Mary Odiong

- I dove into the sugar bowl 

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I was on my bed scrolling through random things online when I stumbled on a job advert. As a graduate I was already tired of staying home so I   immediately jumped at it.

Just as I presumed  I got it, yea, iI graduated with a first-class degree in Theatre Arts. 

I started giving home lessons to the son of this couple. Something felt strange about them . They seemed more like roommates than husband and wife. 

I had never seen Mr. Adams talk to his wife or even touch her hand. Mrs. Clara always had her face in her phone. She didn't seem to be interested in her husband either. 

My third week,  at their house I was sitting on the couch going through Jamin's homework. It was maybe 2.00pm and Jamie was asleep.

After a while of sitting there, someone walked through the door. I was expecting it to be both the couple, but it was just Mr. Adams.

He walked in, ignored me, went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of beer. I muted the television  thinking he was going to say something.

I stayed  quiet and confused about what he was doing when he set the beer on the end of table next to me then sat down just a foot away from me on the couch.

It's crazy how well I remember this night since it's been about a year since it happened.

Mr. Adam uncorked the beer and chugged half of it before he turned to me to finally break the awkward silence.

"I love my wife”, he paused, took another gulp then spoke again, “but  she can be such a bitch."

I gave him a look not knowing what to say to him.

"Edna", he  gave me a look that kind of made me move back.

He started to explain to me his and Clara's issues. After she had Jamie she stopped being affectionate with him. They would go on these "dates" to clubs and she would flirt with other men and have other men buy her drinks while he sat there, waiting for her to be done.

He explained how they would go to a hotel afterwards because she was always "in the mood" after they left the bar. But this night she kicked him out. He thinks she was with someone else.

"If it wasn't for Jamie, I'd leave her. But we both love our son so much."

We sat there for hours just talking, drinking, laughing, he even cried at one point.

Right when he got up go to to his room he turned to me once more, I remember word for word what he said to me.

"Edna?" I looked up at him standing there. "Does what we pay you cover all your bills?"

I was confused but answered, "It does enough. Why?".  "I can help you out with all your bills and some."

"And some what?" I asked him.

"Do you like shopping? Getting new things, nice things?" I laughed because I thought he was joking.

"Edna, if you would like to have anything you want, I'll give it to you but…”

I was so confused at this point I didn't know where he was going with this.

"But?" I asked.

"But I just need this, these conversations. Someone who'll listen to me rant about my wife and complain about people at work. I'll give you one hundred thousand Naira  weekly."

I took my stuff and went home immediately after he left.

All night I laid on my bed thinking. "What if he does want sex?", "What if this is just a joke, a prank?", "What if it's real?" A hundred thousand weekly is a lot of money.

Still the daybreak, I kept thinking about what was offered to me. I wanted to ask someone, anyone about what they thought about it. But he's married, there's no way I was going to tell anyone.

A part of my brain just clicked that day. I was a very sheltered girl growing up, I decided I would agree. I needed the money, plus I wouldn't be selling my body for money, I would be like his therapist , someone he can talk to and spend time with since his wife won't.

I sent a text to Mr. Adams- "Want to meet up and discuss this more?"

All he did was send me an address to a restaurant and  time 6:30 pm.

I dressed in the nicest thing I had, which wasn't much. I wore a dark gray knee-length pencil skirt that went right above my belly button, a light pink, almost white spaghetti strap, and a cropped jacket that matched my skirt. I didn't have fancy shoes so I just wore black heeled booties with a gold buckle on them.

I had never dressed so nice in my life. I had only worn the skirt once.

I put on hooped earrings and packed my hair into a ponytail, it was right below my shoulders. I did make-up and looked at myself in the mirror before grabbing my phone to order a ride.

I met Mr. Adams at the Restaurant. It had to be the nicest place I have ever been to. He was right outside the restaurant, extremely well-dressed. Usually , whenever I saw him he's in a nice T-shirt and pants. 

This night he wore black dress pants and a navy blue button-down long sleeve. Something about a well-dressed man makes him super attractive and I now have seen him differently.

He was 43 , almost double my age. But he looked very well for his age, he didn't look to even be in his 40's.

As we sat down he smiled at me. “I'm glad you wanted to talk more about this, and if you're not interested then I hope it doesn't make you rethink giving lessons to Jamie,” he said.

He ordered a fancy-sounding drink and I just got water.

"You look nice," I told him after the waiter had left our table. He said the same and he talked about his job and what he did.

After we ordered our food I decided to be the one to bring up the sugar baby arrangement. He laughed when I brought it up and whispered 'sugar baby'.

"It is a sugar arrangement, but I don't expect you to call me 'daddy' or to call you 'baby."

He went on to explain it all.

"Don't think all arrangements are the same. That's why we're having this dinner." He continued to give his 'rules'; No other sugar daddies, we only go out in public together when we're away from our area, and don't tell anyone, be discreet,  Don't and don't...

He had no rules about the money, I could do whatever I wanted with it. Save it, blow it all away, even give it away if I wanted. 

Then, I asked him about the sexual aspect, if there even was one.

"I don't expect sex from you, Edna." I nodded to him. I was uncomfortable when it came to sex. I had only been with one guy prior and wasn't sure how to react if he were to want it as a part of the deal, I wasn't comfortable having sex for money either!

"But.." He added before taking a drink. "If that does happen, and you want it. I wouldn't object."

I remember the feeling of how hot my face got when he said that, the look on his face, the way his eyes burned into my face. I could only imagine how red my face was.

It all felt so unreal, like it was fake. This stuff doesn't always just happen in real life.

But as unreal as it was, it was so thrilling, so exciting!

I agreed to the terms he had laid out there. I didn't bring up the sex again after that, since I was unsure of what would happen.

Now a year and few months into our friendship or should I say 'arrangement". Mr. Adam and I have been much more comfortable with each other. I go to bed every night imagining him   sleeping next to me.

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