Party Tonight, Panting Tonight 2

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Party Tonight, Panting Tonight 2

I'm going to die !

... I rounded a corner and swore under my breath as I got to a dead-end, a chain-link fence.

Adrenaline pumped through me as I ran towards the fence and dug my feet into the wires, I held back a cry as I felt a metal slice through my foot.

I bit my tongue and raised myself over the fence, my arms ached as I climbed.

I glanced behind me and saw them rounding the corner. Fear grabbed me, and  I fell off the fence.

My knees ached as I hit the ground hard, and it felt like I had fallen on a thousand knives. Sharp stones or maybe broken bottles cut into my flesh as blood trickled down my knees, a stinging pain flooded through me as tears fell down my face.

I swallowed down my tears as I pushed off the floor, I turned and saw the men millimetres away from me.

I limped and cried out as I felt excruciating pain flowing through my body.

Oh my God, "h-help!" I screamed but no one came to my aide. I mean, it was midnight I remember walking out of the club at around midnight.

The shadowed men approached me, I was trembling. My eyes blurred as I took a timid step back.

Dread and hysteria burned through me as one of them stood in front of me.

They wore all black, their eyes shaded with sunglasses, they stood expressionless.

Shhh... "It's okay" one of them cooed to me 

I shook my head as he approached me, my body was trembling as I tried to take another step back.

He reached out and grabbed me, his hands gripped my wrist as I tried to pull away.

I tried to let out a scream but he covered my mouth with a gloved hand.

I'm going to die! 

The realization dawned on me as I struggled.

He turned me around, my back was pressed into him as he held me in place and his gloved hand still firm around my mouth. I felt his free hand tuck my hair behind my ear.

"Shhh, Princess, it'll be over soon..."

My eyes widened, but before I could process anything, a white cloth pressed into my nose and mouth.

I let out a muffled scream as I struggled, I let myself go limp a bit instead of falling, I felt someone catch my body and hold me as I thrashed. I held my breath but I felt the chemicals from the cloth flooding my senses.

My legs kicked and I flailed my arms, but the second I inhaled I felt myself sliding down.

The pain from the man's grip on me faded, the stinging from the cuts on my leg became numb.

My eyes fluttered but I fought to keep them open,  the hot trail from my tears went cold.

I felt cold,  the struggle I put up ceased,  numbness flooded through me and my whole body went black.

All I saw was a darkness that made me dread what was to come next.

 After all struggles, I blacked out.

I opened my eyes to find darkness,  the haze that filled my eyes and my mind burned.

Anxiety rushed through me as I pulled up...

The men last night,  they took me!

Realization dawned on me as I looked around the room... It was my room!

I stayed confused,  tried hard to figure out how I got home last night from the deadly chase by the shadow men.

Suddenly, my dad walked into the room ... " Good you are fine" was all he said to me.

I have tried hard to figure out how I got home...

 Why has my parent not responded to my questions?

Could it be that they are into a business I don't know about?

I am still traumatized by the whole incident.

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