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Party Tonight, Panting Tonight

Admin 01-Jul-2021 true_story

Party Tonight, Panting Tonight

By Mary Odiong

It was my 20th birthday. I was excited and wanted to try a few new things. I had clubbing on my bucket list even though I wasn't ready to jump on it.

My friends Jane, Praise and Kelly cheered as they took a glance at my list...

"Yeaahh! Party tonight !", they shouted.

 Hey, girls, it's just a list! I yelled at them trying to take the list from them.

 "Get out of your comfort zone girlie. You are twenty, not sixteen", Jane rolled her eyes.

I was dressed in a tight red dress that wouldn't even fit nine years old, I had my face caked and my lips painted with bright red lipstick.

My blonde knotless braid hung down around my shoulders and I almost fell off the high-heeled shoes that I was forced into.

Poor me, I wasn't t a fan of heels.

" Happy Birthday Theresa"! my friends screamed over the rave music as we walked into the club.

 I rolled my eyes and smiled at them as we made our way to the dance floor.

My friends are psycho, I mean they forced me to the club.

People were crowded on the dance floor, the stench of alcohol and smoke flooded my lungs as I swayed to the rave music.

Blue lights flashed through my vision as I saw Jane grinding into some guy as he was kissing the side of her neck.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of rough hands grab my hips and I turned around to see some drunk guy who smelled of different kinds of cologne.

" Hey beautiful", he said as his hands gripped my hips. My eyes widened as I made a weak attempt to pull out of his grasp.

He ignored my attempt as his unfocused eyes roared all over me. He pulled me close to him, I felt his hard-on through the thin fabric of my dress. Using more force, I pulled out of his grasp. My heart was pounding.


I turned away from him and ignored his calls as I pushed past the sweaty bodies and walked over to my friends.

'Hey! I'm not having a lot of fun, I think we should go ' 

 “Sam!”,  Jane screamed over the music and Sam made his way to us.

“Hey Jane, who's your friend? “he asked. “This is Theresa, it's her birthday and she wants something that will give her the confidence to grind on every horny guy she sees! “, Jane yelled with a devious grin.

I frowned. “ No, no I'm fine! “, I protested. He smiled a bit more. “ Your accent, you didn't grow up here?”, he seemed to ask.

“Aaahhh! I've never crossed the borders, “I said loudly over the aching music.

" Yeah, who gives a fuck, just give her some good stuff! ' Jane screamed.

He looked at me and boyishly smiled. “ Of course anything for the birthday girl. Give me a second,” he said as he turned to the bar.

" Isn’t  Sam cute? “ Yeah, he's adorable" I rolled my eyes as I turned back to the counter in time to see Sam set down a bluish drink.

'What's this? " I asked him.

" Bottoms up" was all he said.

" Drink it birthday girl" Jane screamed as she downed a shot of her own.

I furrowed my eyebrows before downing the burning liquid. I coughed as it stung my throat and tears sprung my eyes.

I felt the burning liquid making its way down my throat and my head began to feel light almost instantly.

"What the heck is this?"  I squeaked as I smashed the glass on the table.

" That,  my birthday girl is key to happiness... Now let's party to turning twenty.”

Hours later I found myself making out with some guy on the dance floor, his hands cupped my ass as he pulled me impossibly close to him. I breathed into him as I pressed my hands flat on his chest.

I don't remember how I got to that point, my lips were moving in sync with his but I didn't feel his lips   ... I pulled away from him, he frowned at me as I turned away from him.

He came after me but I ran towards the bar checking for my friends. It dawned on me...I couldn't find Jane anywhere neither did I see the others.

“Hey, Sam!”, I yelled. “Have you seen Jane? “

He paused and said after a few seconds “yeah she left with some guy about an hour ago”.

I shook my head. “What? No!  She wouldn't do that".

He shrugged. " Sorry!" 

I held my head as it began to pound 

“Umm, have you seen the other girls I came with? “, I asked.

“Praise and Kelly?”, Sam asked.

I nodded desperately hoping that he knew their whereabouts. 

“Praise? She left about ten minutes ago but I think that the other girl should still be around", he said.

I scanned the crowd and spotted Kelly dancing with some guys.

Thank you I said with a smile as relief flooded through me 

“Hey Kelly”, I yelled as I grabbed her shoulder, 'I want to go home “.

She broke away from the guy and firmly told me, “I'm staying! Jane brought you here, go meet her.”

'She left!' 

“Then chill the hell out okay? Go home with some guy, have fun we're not your babysitters, okay? “, Kelly yelled.

I felt panic wash through me.

I took a deep breath and walked out of the club. 

There has to be a cab, I need to go back to the hostel, I muttered as I looked up and down the streets.

 I pulled out my cellphone to call a cab but my battery was already dead.

I pulled my arms around me and sighed as I continued the walk hoping I would come across a taxi.

A few minutes later, a beaming headlight shone from behind me and I turned to see a sleek car pulled up in front of me.

The windows were tinted and I could see my reflection in the glass. 

I took a step back at the proximity of the car and frowned as the passenger window slid down.

A man with a few strings of grey hair and glasses appeared, his face was stern and expressionless as he looked at me from behind his glasses. 

I took another step back, unsure of what to do when he said the two words. ' How much"? 

I frowned at the shadowed man in his expensive-looking car.

"Excuse me? I don't get". Realization dawned on me as I looked at my skimpy dress through the reflection.

I raised my hand, " I'm not a prostitute.”

I felt his dark eyes analyzing me and suddenly I was aware of the situation. I began backing up, as panic washed through me.

"Get in the car " he growled. With that, I took more steps back, kicked off my heels and ran. 

My heart was racing as I ran, I let out a panicked cry as I heard multiple doors of the car open.

I dropped my purse, my head pounded with anxiety and terror 

I heard their footsteps running close behind me, my heart slammed through my chest as I ran.

I snuck a glance behind me and saw four shadowed men behind me...

(To be continued... See you next week 🤗)

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