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Love After Rape?

Admin 17-Jun-2021 true_story

Love After Rape? 

By Mary Odiong

My name is Constance. I am a Christian. I am a product of a broken home. My father and mother discovered they were no longer compatible and decided to part ways.

This decision of my parents, though taken when I was young and without my consent came to be the reason why I live an extra careful, watchful and vigilant life.

Since my parents did not stay together for up to four years, they could not have another child except me.

I remember growing up under the watchful care of my mother. My father only visited, though not frequently.

Hawking after school was our source of augmenting our finances. It was a nice experience getting to meet other kids on the streets. We competed to sell fast and return home.

After the hurdles of secondary education, I enrolled in an evening class to prepare for the JAMB examination. The exam comes and gone. It was a huge success. I was admitted to study Accounting at the university.

On resumption, I promised myself to abstain from sex and sex-related acts while in school and until when I am ready for marriage.

It was easy for me to keep this vow because of the type of friends I had. I stayed true to my vow until the 2nd semester of my 3rd year.

My best friend Mfoniso invited me to a birthday party. I could not say no, she was my favourite.

At the party, I was with a few friends, I avoided the crowded area.

In the morning of the next day, I woke up to bloodstains on my body. I was drugged and raped!

The loud music, the games, the merriment and the dance of joy enveloped us all. I couldn’t bring myself to remember how all of that ended. 

I woke up from a nightmare to meet a new reality! I have been deflowered.

I blamed myself for every single thing that happened that night. I should not have gone out of my apartment at first.

I had to forgive myself and healing came but the trauma lived on!

Down the lane, I had a suitor(Robson) in my final year. He was so nice to me. We dated for some time. He proposed to me and I gladly accepted.

Days after the proposal and engagement, Robson opened up to me that he was the guy that raped me at the party.

He had been keeping an eye on me, he fell in love with me and approached me subsequently. 

He is ready to marry me, hence, the reason why he opened up to me. 

I am angry that my best friend betrayed me!

Mfoniso plotted the whole scene and got me raped. 

I have paused the relationship, I am shattered and bittered.

The whole drama is playing in my head now.

Should I just forgive him since he has opened up to me?

Does Mfoniso my friend deserve my forgiveness too?

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