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Living As Strangers

Admin 20-May-2021 true_story

Living As Strangers

By Mary Odiong

Years ago, in one of the banks in Abuja, I met a beautiful lady who I felt I'd be happy with only if she'd say yes to me.

Approaching her was not easy, I was strangled by self-esteem because of how elegant she looked. When I summoned the courage to talk to her, it was truly not easy but we shared contacts and the conversation continued.

With time, we fell in love with each other deeply and started dating. She happened to be the woman of my dreams. I loved her with all my heart.

As we were discussing, she opened up that she was seeing an older man, he was based in the UK. She promised to leave the man since I had prospects for marriage.

Due to the nature of my work, I had to travel out of the country after months of dating. I agreed and promised to walk down the aisle with her immediately after I return.

While in France, I kept the communications going and we were happy even when distance barred us from being physically close.

After 3 years in France, I returned to Nigeria only to be told that Susan later married the UK-based man. I then recalled that for some time, her lines were not going through.

I was not mad at her because age was not on her side and she probably thought I was not sincere.

After some days of my return, we agreed and met. The looks on her face was that of a happy woman who found love newly. She was happy to see me again.

When I asked why she married the old man, she started crying and narrated how incompatible she and the husband were.

She was desperate!

Her family according to her, did not support the marriage but she had to convince them and moved on with the marriage.

She regrets everything! She cried while narrating her ordeal in the two years old marriage. They are not on talking terms, they live as strangers in the same home.

"My husband is a board member of the same company I work. I was sacked unjustly and he seems happy with it. He stopped talking to me for no reason. I have a son for him". 

She wept profusely while giving me reasons why she needs a divorce as soon as possible.

I am devastated and confused.

I love Susan and would not mind taking her as my wife. But why on earth would people be so much attracted to fame and riches

I don't know what to think now. Will I marry her with the one year  old baby?

Will my parents approve of our union..?

Please advise me on how to go about this. I love Susan.!

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