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Is My Sister A Lesbian ?

Admin 10-Jun-2021 true_story

Is My Sister A Lesbian?

By Mary Odiong

Traces of our early childhood memories are scattered all around my head. It was a lonely one! 

Nafisat and I lived in-house for several years, we travelled out of Jos for the first time last year when we were 23 years. 

Nafisat, apart from being an extreme introvert, is a loner and can stay for as long as 4 days indoors without seeing or talking to anyone. From the observable, I'm sure she is still a virgin.

My sister's six months of industrial training (IT) brought us to Abuja. Due to our home training of independence and solitude, we live in the neighbourhood without friends. When Nafisat goes out to her place of IT, I remain indoors until she returns in the evening then we go out to job-hunt.

Very often, Nafisat receives calls at odd hours from a female voice and I discovered she likes it. This is very unusual for her. Attempts to find out who the lady is leaves me with reasons to worry. "She is my baby, my love" she would reply.

I am worried.! My sister is so attached to the mystery lady. I have begged her on many occasions to bring her home, at least for me to know her but she waves it off.

I am a bit more open and social in my dealings with the opposite sex than my sister. I met Frank when we came to Abuja newly and she knows about him.

Talking about men and guys to her seems a waste of time. She acts indifferent and disinterested in guys. She is never in conversation with any man.

"Men are scum" she would say.

I wonder how she gets to this conclusion even without having a single boyfriend ever in her life. "Does it mean that Nafisat is being trained or groomed to be a lesbian"? This thought will not leave me to mind all day.

The only thing that makes my sister happy when she is in a bad mood is a call or message from her female friend.

I have tried everything possible to know the lady in question or even know her name but to no avail. Nafisat goes everywhere with her phone and will never drop it off anywhere.

Thinking of where we came from and the plans we have for the future, I get worried about my sister's lifestyle and attitudes recently.

Is my sister a lesbian or a prospective lesbian?

How can I help her out of this situation?

I am deeply worried and I need to be of help to my twin sister, she is all I have.

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