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I Woke Up With His Child

Admin 24-Jun-2021 true_story

I woke up with his child

By Mary Odiong 

It was Sunday and one of the peak hours in the restaurant...

I tied my waitress apron speedily while handling two pairs of dishes on a tray.

Trucking a stray lock of my hair behind my ear, I scrutinized myself in front of the mirror. Stepping out of the kitchen, I asked 'which table'? 

My manager replied curtly, ' table  10' 

Putting the best smile that I could muster, I attended to the table. Ugh! 

The crowd as expected

Laura my one and only friend in the hotel came up to me and asked, 'sweetie' would you mind attending to table 9?  I will give you the menu and then, you take the order and all that...

I looked at her uneasily and asked, where are you off to? 

Her lower lip trembled as she spoke; 'my mum... She is in the hospital, She suffered from a heart attack recently and...

 I pat her on the back I tried to soothe

 her and say, it's alright, I will attend the table

She smiled at me warmly and rushed out through the exit. Grabbing the notepad off the help desk, I rushed to table 9.

That is where I first met the business tycoon and one of the most richest and charming bachelors I've ever seen.

He was one of the most benign and genial persons I've ever seen in my entire career as a waitress.

Have you decided what you would be having this evening sir? I asked.

The man looked up at me as I suck a deep breath. Holy shit! 

He was probably the most gorgeous man I've ever laid my eyes upon.

With prominent cheekbones, well-sculpted lips and those charming eyes in which you could probably look in forever he was the epitome of perfect-ness.

Hello? His voice interrupts my train of thought.  I quickly muttered a sorry and asked, sir? 

He assessed me from head to toe, I think a slight look of appreciation came to his eyes as he said,  ' I will have the chicken hot plate with steamed rice as side '.

I nodded and scribed his order. Then I asked, anything else? 

He shook his head and looked at his laptop dismissing me.

Returning to his table he complimented me ' you look beautiful Clare and asked for my contact. Picking my name from my tag.

I was stunned... I didn't reply more like I didn't know what to say. I wasn't ready to commit to someone yet.

Sure I liked him so I made my decision and dropped my contact.

Clinton was one enticing man I was visibly attracted to him... We went on a couple of dates.

When he started being more caring and well... Sweet, I felt something unusual. Something that I never felt before. Something which I couldn't put a name on.

I guess that is why I trusted him and decided that he was the man who would deflower me.

The biggest mistake of my life!💔


I couldn't believe his words. I was left on his bed frozen, one second, two seconds, three, four... Then he charged towards me. He picked me up in his arms and twirled me. I squealed and chuckled at his behaviour.

He laughed and put me down but his arms still caged me securely.

It felt good and content to have him near me.

He looked at me, his eyes as if looking through my soul. Those beautiful dark eyes so dark yet transparent, like starring into a starry night sky. He was simply handsome.

I couldn't register what I was doing next. His hands caressing my cheekbones and brushing the corner of my lips. 

His lips were millimetres away from mine, my eyes had gone unfocused as if fighting some internal battle. He placed his lips on mine.

His eyes were full of desire, the same burning inside me... I whispered, kiss me. He kissed me slowly but firmly this time however, my lips were moving against his.

 He leaned in more and deepened the kiss. His hands clasped around my waist.  I pulled him more, raw flames raging inside me.

The next day when I woke up, I envisioned him to be by my side but all I saw was an envelope with thousand naira notes in it and a 'sorry note'.

Pathetic I was then...

 He left five hundred thousand and made me feel like a slut! 

If having me on his bed was his only plan then why take me on ten dates?

Why send me those sickeningly sweet messages! Huh?😫😤

My life has never been the same again, I had ambitions but now I'm fending for a child. Yes, I got pre...pregnant, don't think about it... I couldn't do it!😓

I'm breathing heavily as I finally break out my story. Years of anger that I kept bottled up inside of me, I've finally released it. 

Never will I ever fall victim to such men again!!!

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