Forbidden Encounter

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Forbidden Encounter 

By Mary Odiong

After I graduated from secondary school  I was excited to see my parents and siblings after months of being in the Dom . and of course,

 After a while, I started to get bored and I decided to apply for a  job so I can earn my upkeep while I wait for admission. 

I applied for a tutoring job, to tutor a little girl who was in primary school.  She was seven years old. Her mother was one of those overprotective parents. 

She reminded me of my mother.

They would make great friends. Her father on the other hand was quite charming. He worked in real estate. He and his wife were 38 while I was 17. He also majored in the same field I intended majoring and we had some very detailed chats. The dad loved his job and it could not be any more obvious. 

I visited the kid's home four times a week for her lessons. One  of those days I met the kid's dad. "Hi, Chioma your student is out for a birthday party with her mum, sorry you weren't informed," Mr. Tony said. I felt disappointed at first but his apology calmed the anger that was boiling within, I mean I would have saved the money e pended on transport for that day.

He offered to show me around his house. Out of curiosity and  sheer boredom I readily agreed.

His house was nice, tastefully furnished and an architectural delight.

I was young and naive. I remember chanting Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored in my head.

His bedroom was vast, not even then did I sense something .His bathroom was nice too- sleek, white and sanitary.

Not when he shut the door behind us and locked it did I sense something wrong! 

"I love you. Chioma, I want to be with you." 

"No, no,  sir, Please don't say that" I sighed collapsing into the spot beside him.

"Why not?"

"Look, I don't want to sound desperate but, please? If you could just give us a chance I can be so good to you. My wife never has to find out.," he said moving in to kiss me.

"What are you doing?" I demanded putting a hand to his chest to stop him.

"Common, it's just us - you don't have to pretend". He said brushing his fingers across my cheek.

"Stop!" I cried as he moved closer crowding me. I felt lightheaded. My throat was closing up and everything was so scrambled in my mind that I couldn't get a straight thought. The only thing I was able to register was panic over what to expect next.

He ignored my defences kissing me hungrily on the lips. I pulled away from him.

He went in again this time using more force to savour the moment. I shove him off of me using nearly all my strength. 

"Shh," he warned with a heavy breath. I could feel the terror grow stronger as his hand crept its way up my thigh. This couldn't be happening. 

I couldn't let this happen. 

In a moment of panic, I bit down hard on his lip. He lurched back cursing under his breath as he instinctively grabbed his skin checking for blood. I took the chance to squirm out from underneath him falling to the floor and crawling for the door. I reached for the handle but he was already up, one step ahead of me. Just as my fingers went to grasp the brass knob he stomped down on my hand. I screamed.

"Stop! Just leave me alone!" I  shrieked.

"You don't understand, Chioma" he cooed stroking my hair. "I just need us to be together one time. Just one time and then you'll see and everything will be okay. It'll be perfect."

"No! Sir !"Let go of me!" I pounded on his arms as he dragged me towards the bed. He threw me onto the mattress removing his shirt as he climbed on top of me.

"No. Get off me!" I cried as he began kissing my neck. I struggled to push him off but he was so heavy. I felt suffocated beneath his weight. "Help!" I screamed. "Help me!" He clamped his hand down over my mouth.

"No. No,  Please!"

"Behave" he growled with his hand around my throat again.

I shut my eyes trying to pretend it wasn't happening but all I  could hear was him panting like a dog in my ear. He began moaning louder and I knew enough to know what was coming. 

I  closed my eyes tight anticipating what was about to happen and wanting nothing more than to get away from him as quickly as possible. He screamed out as he finished moaning my name. He paused resting on me for a moment before rolling off breathless as I lay shaken unable to move.

 The world was blurry. My ears were ringing. Everything had stopped. He pulled me into his arms holding me close against him."That was everything I wanted it to be."

 I lay there in a complete state of shock staring at the wall as I tried to  breathe normally but his touches just brought a new wave of anxiety each time.

He finally got up from the bed grabbing a shirt from his dresser for me to wear home. "Sorry about your shirt. You just got me so fired up" he winked. "Now hurry and get dressed; we wouldn't want my wife  finding you here, would we?"

I mechanically went through the motions of getting  dressed and walking to the door making my mind a complete blank, blocking any thoughts from entering my head. He stopped me before I could leave kissing my forehead one last time. A jolt went through my body as everything became real and after that, I practically ran for the staircase to get away as quickly as I could.

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