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Don't Tell People how to Mourn Their Dead- Kate Henshaw

Admin 31-Jul-2021 Entertainment

Don't Tell People how to Mourn Their Dead- Kate Henshaw

By Morenike Bailey

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has lamented how social media users try to school the bereaved how to mourn their dead.

Kate reprehended those she called 'social media mobile mourners' who go about celebrities' pages, trolling them on why they've not made any statement regarding the death of a colleague.

She said it is a horrible attitude to try to school people on how to mourn and threatened to block anyone who comes to her DM to try and school her.

In a video on her Instagram page, Kate said;

"Good afternoon I usually won't bother about this but there is a behavior that's is rampant on social media that is so so wrong and reprehensible.

"You can not tell people how to mourn,  you can not tell people how to feel about certain death.

"I was going to enlighten sone women on cancer when I had of aunty Rachel death, she is someone I have known since 1996 so many memories together, even the last movie we just finished Chief daddy but then you mobile mourners police going on peoples page's asking then why have there not posted it is bad

"People have the way they mourn, not everybody is given to PDA(public display of affection) don't do it and if you bring it to my page am going to block you.

" Leave people to mourn the way they choose. Stop being noisy stick to your page you are going around people's pages asking have you not heard, why are they not posting it, don't do it for goodness sake."

Concluding, Kate asked that her soul rests in peace: "May her soul rest in peace aunty Rachel we will miss you."

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