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Caught In A Love Triangle

Admin 27-May-2021 true_story

Caught In A Love Triangle

By Mary Odiong

The trio of Ruth, Jane and I(Patience) have been the best of friends ever in Maitama and its environs.

Making one angry is anger to all. So also is happiness and merriment.

The national youth service year (NYSC) brought us together and we all decided to remain in Abuja after our Passing Out Parade. Getting jobs was not hard for us since already, we had offers while still serving.

Ruth worked with a law firm, Jane as a journalist in a radio station and I learnt fashion design.

We lived in the same neighbourhood. Life was so beautiful for us.

We share happy moments as well as not-so-happy ones. We lived more like siblings than friends.

Jane had an Indian lover who worked in a steel company in Abuja. He spent lavishly on us all. He was a generous gentleman.

He never allowed us to complain about anything, we lacked nothing.

On Jane's birthday, he came around and that made us proud. 

Busy as Jane was, she didn't notice that Ruth was seducing the Indian man. Jane however caught them when they exchanged contacts.

After the party, Jane asked her man and he said that Ruth was just being nice and needed to get a job for her boyfriend at the steel company.  Jane allowed it to slide because she trusted him .

Weeks later, we discovered that he began to change . This became drastic and worrisome. Jane was devastated. When challenged, he maintained that there was no problem. He made us believe that the workload increased at the company.

Months later, we found out that he was dating Ruth as suspected.

Cries could not help, worries did not suffice! Jane broke up with him. We cut off our ties with Ruth. 

Deep in her heart, Jane still loves Davis and needs him back. But how?

She discussed with me and I  agreed to do "a deal" whereby Ruth would be blackmailed so that Davis would lose interest in her.

We struck a deal.  moved in for the execution of the plan. On meeting Davis, the story changed, infatuation sets in. There was a shift of interest immediately. I fell in love and Davis surprisingly loved me too. I never returned to Jane. 

Davis is now dating me, he is deeply in love with me.

There is enmity in the neighbourhood. Anger in the hearts and bad thoughts in people's minds.

Our relationship is waxing stronger by the day. We are engaged. My friend Jane is losing her heart, she cries all day. 

She does not want to be consoled by people around her. I keep a distance because I know she hates me now. 

How do we deal with this situation? I wish this was a scene in a movie.

I don't want to lose out completely. 

I am now seen as a betrayer.

I am confused, I love my union with Jane and Ruth but I love Davis too. 

Now I don't know if Davis is sincere with his love for me. 

Will he dump me despite his promise to marry me? I wish I can apologize to Jane and be forgiven.

This is the situation of things around me. I don't know how I got myself into this.

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